Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod V4A

So, you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mes...


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So, you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mess around with the physics too and that's why I made this mod. You could say that I made this mod just to mess around with the physics - but then released it to the public. PHYSICS.

So, what do you want to do? Do you want to..

.. position ragdolls so they look like they've had a baby? .. string a combine soldier up and fire dead babies at him? .. tie stuff to scanners and manhacks then watch them fly off? .. fire a load of melons at a wall? .. conserve fuel? .. make little motorized cars? .. make little jet cars? .. play with depth of field blur?

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- Ragdoll Poser (First for a mod ever?) - Hacked in Depth of Field - Rope objects and people together - Weld objects and people together - Add motorized wheels and control their speed - Add gas cannisters and switch them on and off - Place a camera and watch it on your HUD - Shoot 100's of props out of your RPG - Attach manhacks and scanners to objects and corpses

Admin's Note: The author, Garry, has decided to use the term "Dead Babies" in his mod. If you do not like this or aren't strong enough to handle it, please do not download the mod and leave this page now. No further discussions will be made about the term "Dead Babies" in the comments section below. You may use the forums for such talk. Thank You!

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Download 'garrysmodv4a.zip' (3.84MB)

Version 4a - 6 January 2005 

- Added chat to multiplayer (still kinda broke, status in the console to list the players) 
- Physcannon Grab and NPC acts like it's not upgraded. This fixes problems grabbing rollermines. 

Version 4 - 5 January 2005 

- Added simple camera (for taking screenshots) 
- Added cannisters (used to propel objects) 
- Added fake depth blur (USE when holding the simple camera to cycle on/off) 
- Added ability to rotate picked up objects by holding down USE (This is all thanks to Adnan - http://skew.telefragged.com/mods/hl2/ARGG/
- Fixed world ropes coming undone after saving 
- Added rigid rope to crossbow (USE to change types) 
- Sprites now update the refract texture - Don't know if Valve left it out on purpose or whether it was an oversight. 
- Fixed jeep pausing bug 
- Moved 357 HUD camera to the left of the screen 
- Fixed crash when trying to grab 3D skybox with the gravity gun (should fix other crashes too) 
- Activated multiplayer menu - multiplayer is uncomplete and unsupported. Use at your own risk. It's easy to crash - so only play with people who aren't idiots.

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