Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod V6C

So you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mess...


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So you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mess around with the physics too and that's why I made this mod. You could say that I made this mod just to mess around with the physics - but then released it to the public. PHYSICS.

So, what do you want to do? Do you want to..

.. position ragdolls so they look like they've had a baby? .. string a combine soldier up and fire dead babies at him? .. tie stuff to scanners and manhacks then watch them fly off? .. fire a load of melons at a wall? .. conserve fuel? .. make little motorized cars? .. make little jet cars? .. play with depth of field blur? .. homebrew a car crash? .. spawn items from a menu? .. attach balloons to stuff?


  • Ragdoll Poser (First for a mod ever?)
  • Face poser - adjust the faces of ragdolls and NPC's (First for a mod ever?)
  • Spawn almost any item from Half-Life 2 using a menu
  • Hacked in Depth of Field
  • Rope objects and people together
  • Weld objects and people together
  • Pulley objects and people together
  • Ball-Socket objects and people together
  • Add motorized wheels and control their speed
  • Draw on the walls with the paint gun
  • Balloon gun - they all float down here!
  • Add gas cannisters and switch them on and off
  • Place a camera and watch it on your HUD
  • Shoot 100's of props out of your RPG
  • Attach manhacks and scanners to objects and corpses
  • Fire gun - set things on fire
  • Remover - clean stuff up with the entity destroyer

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Download 'garrysmodv6c.exe' (3.2MB)

Version 6c - 29 January 2005 
Fixed VGUI crashes 
Fixed Crossbow crash 
Made the 357 camera switchable online 
Added support for multiple info_player_starts 
Added garry_sv_max_props 
Added garry_sv_max_ragdolls 
Added garry_sv_max_effects 
Added garry_sv_max_rpgitems 
Added garry_sv_max_wheels 
Added garry_sv_max_npc 
Added garry_sv_max_balloon 
Added garry_sv_max_thrusters 
Manhacks/Scanners spawned with the pistol now attach properly to ragdolls 
Tweaked physgun to not spazz out so much 
Fixed physgun held objects going to sleep 
Fixed frozen objects coming undone (Picking up with your hands is now disabled) 
Fixed F1 menu staying open all the time 
Disabled removing vehicles in multiplayer 
Vehicle entry/exits are now 10x faster 
Can now exit jeep while it's going fast 
Jeep no longer automatically ejects you when it's upside down 
Player's name is now displayed when looking at them 
Fixed scoreboard not showing the last player in the server 
Version 6b - 27 January 2005 
Added options for creating a server (under create server) 
Fixed spelling error in prop menu 
Added wooden beams to prop menu 
May have fixed some VGUI menu related crashes 
Version 6a - 26 January 2005 
Welded objects no longer collide with each other 
Fixed cannister sound playing even after cannister was deleted 
Made physgun holding more rigid 
Added ability to rotate physgun objects with the USE key (Thanks again Adnan) 
Disabled electric boogie on combine ragdolls 
Removed more console spamming messages 
Updated Spawn menu system to accommodate more items 
Added 'Effects' to Spawn menu 
Wheels no longer collide with the object they're attached to 
Added ability to change direction of motorized wheels (USE while aiming at wheel) 
Added Thrust VGUI menu 
Ability to turn off steam 
Ability to turn off sound 
Ability to bind thrusts to keypad buttons 
Ability to turn all on/off 
Ability to remove all 
Added wheel VGUI menu 
Ability to remove all 
Added balloon VGUI menu 
Improved stability of ropes 
Added constraint crossbow VGUI menu 
Faster constraint type selection 
Ability to remove each type of constraint individually 
Added Ballsocket constraints 
Added Pulley constraints 
You can now weld objects to the landscape 
Ability to undo your last constraint (Yay!) 
Ropes now remove if either of their attachments are removed (Thanks Jay) 
Added multitool weapon with VGUI menu 
Face poser (ragdolls & NPCs) (Thanks Yahn) 
Set eye positions (ragdolls & NPCs) 
Remove gun (Aim and fire to remove almost anything) 
Ignite gun (set most things on fire) 
Paint gun 
Removed paint gun 
Thrusters now attach to specific parts of a ragdoll 
Wheels do too (Matress car! Finally!) 
You now position the flashlight rather than carry it 
Added RPG VGUI menu 
Can now shoot (multiple, guided) RPGs 
3 fire rates 
33 Items to fire 
Added info menu (press F1) 
Increased the power of explosions (physically) 
Reduced spawned objects spawning in walls 
Updated map (worst displacements ever?)

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