Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod V8.3A

This version of Garry's Mod allows you to spawn NPCs, play HL2 Single player and adds icons to the spawn menu to make things a bit easier....


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This version of Garry's Mod allows you to spawn NPCs, play HL2 Single player and adds icons to the spawn menu to make things a bit easier. Check out the full changelog below. Enjoy!

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Download 'gmod_83a.exe' (7.44MB)

Version 8.3A:

[FIX] Blurry menu icons (thanks to Bucketmuncher) 
[FIX] Ghost guide single player crash 
[FIX] Weird Physics 
[FIX] Model randomised every spawn 
[FIX] Level transitions crapping out in multiplayer 
[FIX] Killed 3D menu background 

Version 8.3 - 12th June 2005:

[FIX] Slider constraint crash 
[FIX] Wheelgun crash 
[FIX] Physgun crash 
[FIX] Clientside ragdoll crash (Thanks Adrian) 
[FIX] AI now has initial dispositions 
[FIX] Removing a crane's magnet causing crash 
[FIX] Tripmine's laser remaining after destroyed 
[FIX] Loading now places the player in the right spot 
[FIX] NPCs now move their lips when talking (instead of their eyes) 
[FIX] RPG's laser staying on screen when playing single player 
[FIX] Wheel ghost staying alive when player died 
[FIX] Easy weld rotation not freezing screen in MP 
[FIX] MOTD no longer shows in single player 

[ADD] Mod/Plugin support 
[ADD] New single player menu 
[ADD] New create server menu 
[ADD] HL2 single player now fully playable 
[ADD] Spawn Menu Icons mod (Thanks to Tom 'Bucketmuncher' Wiseman) 
[ADD] Matress example mod 
[ADD] Widescreen menu backgrounds 
[ADD] NPC spawn menu 
[ADD] Integrated Valve's new player/prop interaction mode (off by default) 
[ADD] Static/Prop/View cameras 
[ADD] Enabled bots (They just mimic everything you do (bot_add to add a bot)) 
[ADD] Map ini files for adding/removing entities from maps 
[ADD] Around two times more props in the CS spawn menus 
[ADD] Two New CS maps to the CS content mod 
[ADD] Ghost guide to axis weld 
[ADD] Ghost guide to easy weld 
[ADD] Ghost guide to duplicator tool 
[ADD] Working Jeeps, Airboats and Pods are now spawnable 

[CHANGE] HL2:DM content is now a mod 
[CHANGE] CS:S content is now a mod 
[CHANGE] Spawn menu now has it's own scheme file 
[CHANGE] Physgun's rotation is now relative to the player 
[CHANGE] Updated gm_construct 
[CHANGE] Explosion/bullet hit physics power 
[CHANGE] Vehicles are now removable 

[CONSOLE] gm_reloadspawnmenu - Reloads the spawn menu (for modders) 
[CONSOLE] gm_makecompletespawnlist - Dumps a complete spawn list containing ever mdl file in the folder specified 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_clientlimit_npcs - Limit the number of NPCs a single client can spawn on your server 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_serverlimit_npcs - Limit the total number of NPCs spawnable on your server 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_clientlimit_vehicles - Limit the number of vehicles a single client can spawn on your server 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_serverlimit_vehicles - Limit the total number of vehicles spawnable on your server 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_allownpc - Allow/dissallow NPC spawning on your server 
[CONSOLE] sv_turbophysics - Turn on/off turbophysics (off by default) 
[CONSOLE] gm_make_propcam - Spawn your prop camera 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_npchealthmultiplier - multiply all NPC's starting health by this number (default 1) 
[CONSOLE] gm_sv_allowlamps - Don't allow lamps 
[CONSOLE] gm_dev_debuginitfiles - Set to 1 for debug info about a map's ini file (when loading).

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