Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod V8.3B



Garry's Mod is a sandbox mod for Half-Life 2. There really isn't an aim of the game. People find many ways to have fun with the mod - ranging from making comic books to complicated chain reactions. Or just putting ragdolls into weird positions.

V8.3B fixes a lot of bugs and problems in the earlier version. The loadtimes are a bit faster - but you need to bear in mind that the first time you load a map it takes a long time. This is an issue with all mods - not just this one. I'd like to add a progress bar when it's loading to reassure you that it hasn't crashed - but this doesn't seem possible in the current SDK.

If you experience crashing when using the Physics Properties gun you need to completely wipe your gmod folder - chances are that you have installed a menu modification (such as 'UGM') and that's causing the crash.

You can download new maps, models and mods for Garry's Mod in our forums. And if you get stuck and don't know how to use a specific feature of the mod, or just want to read the history, you should read the Garry's Mod wiki.



V8.3B Changelog:-

[FIX] Crash when duplicating SLAMs
[FIX] Single player 'ghost guide' crash
[FIX] Possible spawn crash
[FIX] DOF material error
[FIX] "ent_remove" player crash
[FIX] Choosing a new map from the menu won't drop a player anymore
[FIX] Better loadtimes
[FIX] gm_makeentity crash
[FIX] Crash when throwing a sawblade with a dead mine attached
[FIX] AI causing crash when a player is holding a physics object
[CHANGE] "ent_remove" is no longer a cheat (Server admin only)
[CHANGE] "give" is no longer a cheat (Server admin only)
[CHANGE] "r_3dsky" is no longer a cheat
[CHANGE] Punting or grabbing with the Gravity Gun unfreezes objects
[ADD] Fog adjuster
[ADD] Mixerman's custom models
[ADD] Bucketmuncher's custom models
[ADD] More icons from Bucketmuncher
[ADD] Admin Panel with physics slow motion

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