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GoldenEye: Source is modification made by Cyber Genetic Studios using Valve Software's Source Engine. The mod is based on the original Nin...


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GoldenEye: Source is modification made by Cyber Genetic Studios using Valve Software's Source Engine. The mod is based on the original Nintendo64 game GoldenEye made by RARE Software. We look to bring the classic game to online based multi player, with updated graphics, physics, animations, game play, the whole deal. They've got experienced team members all across the board, from professional level, to amateurs looking to make it into the business.

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Download 'ges_alpha1.1_update.exe' (53.99MB)

* Fixed maplist and mapcycle having invalid map names.
* Fixed lack of spawnpoints on Caves, Facility, Facility_backzone and Egyptian.
* Fixed an issue with func_rebreakable_surf (destroy it, then it wouldn't take damage to anything but bullets )
* Fixed the throwing knife death icon (was not showing up)
* Fixed the reflection on the lab equipment so its not as strong.
* Fixed soundscape bug with ge_caves.
* Fixed floodlight_up not having collision.
* Fixed volume issues with caverns.mp3, egyptian.mp3, facility.mp3.
* Fixed startup menu music (wasn't being played).
* Fixed an issue we found with our debugging process, MDMP files ended up being useless to us last patch.
* Fixed weapons spawning in floor issue.
* Fixed reload exploit/bug that would allow someone to push "use" on a weapon spawn to keep picking up that weapon.
* Fixed glass distortion now only work in dx9, this was causing materials to go completely opaque for dx8.1 systems or less for some reason.
* Fixed minor spelling errors.
* Fixed minor map errors and all maps.
* Fixed Respawn of the armor
* Modified Facility_backzone bottling tanks now optimized.
* Modified KF7 now gets 30 rounds of ammo from ammopacks instead of 15
* Modified Armour takes full damage instead of a percentage of the damage.
* Modified Damages to the following weapons:
 o KF7 from 18 to 12
 o ZMG from 14 to 8
 o AutoShotgun from 8 to 5
* Added ammo crates to replace the old and horrible looking HL2 ammo boxes.
* Added Community Project #2 submitted sprays(thanks to Xanatos and GobanzoMon).
* Added AutoShotgun death icon.
* Added several facility props.
* Added grittier normal map texture for the crates.
* Added the camera entities to the fgd (from halflife2.fgd).
* Added camera to the ge_facility washroom and a monitor in the security room.
* Added Intermission before a mapchange (mp_chattime sets the delay in seconds).
* Added command dev_spawnpoints for counting the number of spawn points.

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