Half Life 2 Head_Sickness Map

A Silent Hill-themed map set in an asylum. Although this is the author's first map for HL2, there is a lot of potential here, and it's sur...


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A Silent Hill-themed map set in an asylum. Although this is the author's first map for HL2, there is a lot of potential here, and it's sure to appeal to horror fans, especially those who enjoyed the excellent Silent Hill games.

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Download 'head_sickness.zip' (2.86MB)

                -Head Sickness TEASER-                   ______________________________________________________

Installation: Simply go to the C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\*****\half-life 2\hl2\ folder and place the files from the folders that you have unzipped into their respective folders in HL2, for example: files from the maps folder go in the maps folder in HL2, the Wheelchair model goes into the models folder in HL2 ect. ect.

Running the map: If you have never played a custom map, mearly go into the console and type: map Ridgehaven_01 and hit enter, easy as that!

Story: You are part of Combine Metropolice and the leading member of your squad sent to investigate Ridge Haven, an abandoned sanitarium set on the outskirts of Browns Woods, exactly 2 miles from City 11. 
There have been reports of the headcrabbed undead using the abandoned sanitarium ground as a type of nest and there have been several odd accounts of them making the journey from their respected location all the way to the outskirts of City 11 and terrorizing citizens. Normally the Combine MetroPolice dont bother hunting down hostiles outside city limits, but stranger reports of the undead actually kidnapping several people has forced the Combine to investigate this strange behavior. A scanner was sent to Ridge Haven and sent several strange photos back to HQ before being destroyed. From further evidence from the scanner photos the Combine have come to the conclusion that there is another "entity" in control at RideHaven and is seen as a possible threat to them and City 11. You and your squad are to make your way to Ridge Haven, reactivate the generators and make your way into the main building. Once inside you are to clear out any hostiles met and further investigate where the scanner left off which was in the basement of the main building. 

Map info: This is my first map for Hl2 and second map all together, So scripts and a few other things for this map that I made are quite new to me :P. But this is just the introduction map of my map series "Head Sickness" which will consist of probably about 6 or so maps taking place at Ridge Haven, the mental institution grounds of Browns Woods. The map theme is based in and around the game Silent Hill as will the custom music I add in the later maps, so expect to see some weird shit and an alternate reality of the Sanitarium, as seen in the locations in all the Silent Hill games. I have the majority of the resources needed to finish the series but theres a few things I would love to add to it to make it complete, so if you are interested in modeling some props for Head Sickness, or help me out with making a few decals, drop me a line: gameguscye@aol.com

Credits: Carpet Shampooer for the great Wheelchair prop
the people at hl2world.com and halflife2.net forums for the great help and answers they've given me on map making.
and ofcourse Valve for making an excellent game and tools to make your own creations.

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