Half Life 2 Kreedz Climbing Mod

Wow! That's one Pro-Gamer Mod!

Kreedz Climbing is one of the most anticipated mods last months that was announced for Half Life 2. Finall...


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Wow! That's one Pro-Gamer Mod!

Kreedz Climbing is one of the most anticipated mods last months that was announced for Half Life 2. Finally ObsessionSoft released a beta version to the public. And I most say it rocks!

For all people out there: Do the Tutorial! It teaches you many moves and makes it some kind of easier to get into it. But first of all, you should configure your Input settings and Key configs. The default might be some kind of weird for some people.

If you start the tutorial, first thing you see is a blue spot. If you walk into it, you'll hear a voice. Don't be afraid of that, as it explains everything and helps you finding your way into Kreedz Climbing. There are several Tutorial rooms which explain different jumping techniques you will need. The first are easy, as the only imply straight jumping. Later on, you have to combine your skills with strafing, which is really hard to master at first. But the way this is introduced makes it really easy to get into it. There are some passages where you could go mad, because you have to start over (second tutorial for example), but there is a feature to help you a bit: Checkpoints! With one key you set one, with another you'll jump back to your last set checkpoint. Did I already mention you should configure your keys?

If you finish the tutorial, you have to make a jump into cold water. Start a server or join one. There are 24 maps for your jumping pleasure. All of them have a timer, so you can have a race against time, or other people... These maps are all really nice to look at, and have a good structure. But they are difficult! And if you join a server on which checkpointing is disabled, you have to be very patient to master the skills. But if you are able to do the different jumps and strafejumps etc..., than it is really fun!

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Download 'kzmodbeta1.0_client.rar' (136.53MB)

This is the state of Kreedz Climbing as of feb/26

Things to know about config:

join and leave spectatormode are bindable in the options/keyboard in the main menu

Checkpoints are bindable in the options/keyboard in the main menu

Pause mode is bindable in the options/keyboard in the main menu

Scoreboard is TAB, this shows present mode(bhop or normal), time on server, timeleft in the map at the bottom

jump is bound to mouse2 and mouse wheel both directions

+showbudget = h

noclip = l (thats an L) (sv_cheats 1 must be on)

flashlight is F

WASD movement

Duck is Shift

zoom is Z

Thanks to:
Kreedz for the concept of the game. Valve for making this cool engine. fakie  and Laffran for the support in the beginning and the inspiration to get me to do it. Gwarsbane for his 2d-art which all went into kz_trippin. Extra thanks to fakie for doing all the animations for kz_trippin, helping teach us how to compile textures, and for creating the KZMOD logo and some cool music on the side. Thanks to Wolf for coming in to completely remake the Ice Axe and his help with fixing all of our models (the Ice Axe w and v models, climber2 and for fixing polies and rigging the climber1 model), plus he convert all of the "loopix" models(omg right for that),  and to Jais Kragelund for the nice 3D animations for the player model climber2. Crystalman62 for reskinning the beta release player model. GTar for the nice button models for our timer set-ups. OddYsseus for helping us out with a website and domain and secretly trying to get us a server with success. MypTx for setting up our final IRC channel. Guido, Simpson and and the rest of UBF for the support and help with the test server, and also to Guido for the linux compiling help. Draco for all his help with the movement code and other great tips n stuff, good luck with BG2. Cr3v3tt3 for trying, I know you really wanted to.

Thanks to all the beta testers that I personally handed the mod to, and to all the beta testers that got it from one of these guys. you played a big role in getting stuff done for us. special thanks to FikoN on all the great feedback.

Thanks to Millet(for jumping) T3dbundy(for jumping) and Ado(for the movie itself) and esilo(for the converting) for helping out with, and making an excellent the kzmod promo trailer.

Thanks to Pierre Marie Baty for the base structure of the 1.6 map kz_cathedral which was again remade for the mod. Also thanks to Angie for allowing me to convert her fantasy castle into a kzmod map and to Kreedz for giving me the source file to kz_exn_ezjungle which I turned into kz_cliffhanger.

Thanks to interlopers, snarkpit, verc, hl2world and other sites for supporting great tutorials error lists and forums for source stuff.

Thanks to Loopix for the most excellent collection of foliage models ive seen yet(thanks for all of that really really nice work!), the Plan of Attack team for the winter tree models in kz_freezing_ridge. Also to Cheroke for the planets and stars models in kz_asteroid_field.

Tipii for staying with so long. Hes the only original team member left. You did so much for the mod, I cant even list it all(websites, map, sponsor search, coder search, advice, animations, textures, wrote and produced a song...and more) and it was great working with ya. Great job!

Millet for his good mapping skillz, quick learning ability and perserverance, stickin with us through thick and thin and delivering 3 great maps and a lot of beta testing and good conversations late into the night. Great job!

Kaos_nyrb for stepping in and rippin hell upon the Source code for us to fix old and create new functions that finally led us to our first public beta release, and with great speed I might add. Very nice guy and very easy to work with, it was a pleasure.

Small Sumo for the player models from the Simpsons!! nirrad for your modeling skillz with buttons player and hand models for the Simpsons.

I personally would like to thank also my Girlfriend, Alex who has put up with the wickedest sleeping schedule through this whole year that you could possibly imagine. She believed in me and that was most important :)

Thanks to you for downloading and actually reading this, and thanks to those who believed in us.

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