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Progress on The Last 7 Hours Spanish SP Mod has been stopped. The mod has been cancelled. The...


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Progress on The Last 7 Hours Spanish SP Mod has been stopped. The mod has been cancelled. Therefore, they have released all the models they had done or started up to this point. This is their model pack.

Here is what they had to say in their readme:

All the content of these folders has been made completely by The Last 7 Hours Team as part of a Half-Life 2's singleplayer mod that has been recently cancelled (27-12-06).

However as a last gift, the team and it's leader have decided to launch this model pack in order that it could be used without fear to mess other people's work. You can include the models in your mods, release them for Garry's mod, use them on personal projects or whatever you want. There are only two important conditions:

-1: If you're going to use them on a mod, dont forget to list The Last 7 Hours Team in the credits. -2: They can't be used on commercial projects.

You will find all kinds of models, from humans to weapons and some vehicles, all with their own unwraps and textures in case you want to modify them. You must realize that we aren't profesionals so you might find a lot of errors on them, the biggest one may be the UVmap of the Houndeye.

We've nothing more to say, I hope to see in the future our material in your projects ,we'll be very pleased about that. And, Who knows, maybe someday we could relaunch our project.

Best Wishes, The Last 7 Hours Team.

It's sad to see any mod die but this may give some mod makers a nice jump on some modeling or allow for some nice personal releases.

Thanks to them for the release.

Some samples, of what I assume is in the pack, can be seen in the screenshots below.

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Download 'l7hpack.rar' (52.98MB)

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