Half-Life 2: Mammouth Party Mod



Mammouth Party is a delirium mod (based on HL²) using the Source engine. The 4 primitives clans (the teams) have to find the greatest amount of meat outside of their base camp and to bring it back in the clan's pot. The 4 clans are enemies & all the characters have the same skills to avoid balance problems between the characters.

You welcome in Clan of ours!

We Clan chief, Clan co-chief and Clan coco-Chief. You, newbie! You subjected to initiatic ritual (or not). We having great idea! That are mod for brof Half-life 2!

We creating 4 ennemy clans (Gnu,Grumpf,Greuh,GrhAY) Clans hungry. Wanting food for families! Very hungry! Wanting King Mammoth in hams, sausages and steak in pot for great sacred night party.

Clans hunting! Going out of cave. Finding mammoths and trapping mammoths! Clans may counting on strength, club, spear, boulders and ohter important thing me not remembering! Clans using CUNNING too! Waiting for mammoth dead by another clan. Attacking then other clan and taking meat!

Clans tough to bring meat in pot ! Clans careful for not dying. Meat precious! You not getting meat stolen.

Clan winning if bringing enough meat in pot for great sacred night party! EURG! You leaving, prove strength, cunning and carefulness be in you to prove you great hunter!



- meat ragdolls were removed (they caused the server lag maybe)
- gearboxes modification
- ptero_feu is set to 1 by default
- added ingame information for the pterdactyl and the hunt
- correction of the starting point of the spear
- added the map mp_ptero_test

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