Half-Life 2 Mappack Volume #3



This HL2Files.com mappack contains a third installment of 50 Half-Life 2 custom maps!

This mappack was compiled to save you from downloading each and every map seperately.

The included maps are:

antlion_troopers, barney_gulcha2, BBasicF, buildingblocks_final, cr_garagewars_v1, dm_apcbunker, dm_cyclix, dm_deck16][, dm_deck17_beta1, dm_docks, dm_docksidebeta, dm_exit, dm_facility, dm_ffm7beta32, dm_fool_day, dm_forestfortress_beta, dm_garden_of_edenb1, dm_gasworks, dm_gasworks_b3, dm_ghtemple_a09, dm_killsaw, dm_laby3, dm_mush, dm_overcast, dm_park, dm_phystown_final, dm_powersurgebeta5, dm_spam01, dm_stalkyard_mrmof_v1, dm_vireal, dm_waterhazard_v2, dm_watermelon, dm_xen-sahera, dodgeball_1c, entrepotes, gun, lamesa, mazeofdeath, McDonalds, mp_crazydeath, no 2, no way, nsa_dogeball, ofc_thebeach, peru, ph_machine, phys_TIMsource, qwig_dualracetrack_beta3, stalkyard2, urbancombat

Also included are .vmf's, .vtf's, .prt's, materials, models, sound and readmes for several maps.

Simply extract the entire HL2_Mappack_Volume3 folder to:

"Steam --> SteamApps --> [email protected] --> half-life 2 deathmatch --> hl2mp"

Or in the case of the Half-Life 2 SP maps like "antlion_troopers":

"Steam --> SteamApps --> [email protected] --> half-life 2 --> hl2"

Enjoy! ... and keep an eye out for the upcoming Mappack Volume #4!!! :D

This mappack was brought to you by www.HL2Files.com - The No.1 Half-Life 2 Download Resource.

Of course, feel free to submit any other Half-Life 2 Maps to [email protected] for posting!

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Happy Fragging, ~azzkiker //[email protected] //HL2Files.com Founder/Site Admin //[email protected] //FilesNetwork.com Network Admin & Hosted Sites Manager //[email protected] //GamingForums.com Super Moderator

Disclaimer: All maps belong to their respective creators and HL2Files.com does not take credit for any of them.


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