Half-Life 2 Mappack Volume #6



This is the 6th installment of yet another 50 HL2DM and HL2 maps to add to your collection. This mappack was compiled to save you from downloading each and every map seperately.

The included maps are:

Multiplayer: Bunkerbeta, ctt_battlefield_se, Deathmap1, dm_1on1_arborea_beta1, dm_agora, dm_alcatraz_beta2a,dm_bathroom_b5, dm_bedlambeta3, dm_cabin_b1, dm_cafe, dm_calmdown, dm_castle_overload, dm_city1a, dm_darkmatter_b1, dm_disregard_v2, dm_DreamWorlds_final2, dm_faceoff, dm_funhouse, dm_ge64_facility1.3, dm_insaneasylum, dm_nighthawk, dm_outpost, dm_parkingarage, dm_roaches2, dm_Sanctuary_Reloaded, dm_spector_beta1, dm_stoka_f2, dm_tokey_towers_b1, dm_Void, hollywood_holocaust_hl2, meloncube, mp_balls, mp_balls_dark, mp_cloudballz, mp_mountaineerv2, obj_kinyoenta_b7, obj_revolters12a, obj_revolters12b, powerblast, sr_rally_b1, water_box, dm_raven, dm_richs_apt, dm_skyline. Single player maps: dayHARDpart2, engage_the_combine, engage_the_zombies, rockv2, tgh_physics_sp, reject.

Also included are various graphs [.ain], .vmf's, materials, models, scripts and some sounds from some maps.

Simply extract the contents of the "MP Maps" folder to:

"Steam --> SteamApps --> [email protected] --> half-life 2 deathmatch --> hl2mp"

Or, in the case of the "SP Maps" folder:

"Steam --> SteamApps --> [email protected] --> half-life 2 --> hl2"

Enjoy! ... and keep an eye out for the upcoming Mappack Volumes 7,8,9 & 10! :D

This mappack was brought to you by www.HL2Files.com - The No.1 Half-Life 2 Download Resource.

Credit goes out to MentalX for his help and work compiling this mappack.

Of course, feel free to submit any other Half-Life 2 Maps to [email protected] for posting!

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Disclaimer: All maps belong to their respective creators and HL2Files.com does not take credit for any of them.


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