Half-Life 2 Nickmade Black Steam Skin

A black steam skin, check the screenshot!


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File Description
Hey, this is Nick Karstedt (Known as Cpt. Karstedt in just about any online game).  If you are one of the people that actually READS the readme files, then thanks!  As you know, this is a Steam skin.  Simply extract to your steam directory\skins.  It will most likely be C:\program files\steam\skins

Contact Info:

Nick (Cpt.) Karstedt
MSN:Nick_Karstedt@yahoo.com (Yes, it is correct)
Website: http://www.nickmade.com

My website is for my company.  We make freeware computer games.  They may not look like Half-Life 2 (Or Half-Life 1 for that matter), but people seem to like them anyhow.  Please check it out... they're free, after all!

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