Half Life 2 NOAMZ Tunnels

Yay, another Night of a Million Zombies map! This particular map takes place in a tunnel, and once again pits you against the hordes of unde...


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Yay, another Night of a Million Zombies map! This particular map takes place in a tunnel, and once again pits you against the hordes of undead. The difference this time is different and "special" zombies. There are several "special" zombies, such as red (Poison zombie) ones that explode when killed, a few almost boss-like creatures, and even the regular zombies start out with more health. This is to make things a bit more difficult, as the zombies' health will go up as you last longer and rack up more kills. All the weapons in Half Life 2 are availible, as well as respawning ammo for them, except for the Pulse Rifle's secondary "pulse orb" attack. You can expect another map coming out soon, as well, the 2nd half of this map.

If you're a fan of zombie maps, love impossible odds, or just looking for something new, this is the map for you. ;)

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Download 'noamztunnels.zip' (4.79MB)

NOAMZ Tunnels readme

This is the 3rd Night of a Million Zombies map made by Mister Dan.

email me at dan_barritt@hotmail.com
or go to www.noamz.co.uk for no reason whatsoever

The Aim of the game is to kill lots of zombies, more zombies than anyone else has ever.

Ok, at first this may seem like another Half Life 2 Zombie kill fest but there are a few things that I probably should point out.

1.	The regular zombies start off slightly stronger, with 75 health, and get stronger as you kill more zombies. This is just to make it a bit more of a challenge.

2.	The red Zombies explode, and you get 2 points off ‘em, there are only a few pre-placed ones though.

3.	There are a few ‘regular’ poison zombies pre-placed about the map. These give you 5 kills and drop a health vial.

4.	There are also 5 super poison zombies in the map. There will be only 1 at a time because they’re pretty strong (the first one has1000 health and the 5th 5000) but they give you delicious bonuses. They give you fat amounts of points (1st 10 points, 5th 50 points) and when you kill them you can carry more ammo (about 1 magazine more for each one you kill). You can point them out because they are colored.

 All the weapons are available on this map, and all ammo except the pulse orbs spawn

This was supposed to be a map made up of 2 levels but some technical difficulties made this impossible so maybe I’ll have the other half for you pretty soon, right?


Installation – 

Copy the “NOAMZtunnels.bsp” file to:

“C:\program files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\ (your steam name) \half-life 2\hl2\maps”

Copy the "Night of a Million Zombies tunnels.lnk" (it's a shortcut file) to your desktop or anywhere else you want


Run the "Night of a Million Zombies tunnels" shortcut


Start Half Life 2 and open up the console (you might have to turn it on in the advanced controls options) and type-

“map NOAMZtunnels”

Dis is mah shit, don’t be say’n it’s yous ‘less yo want no legs.

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