Half-Life 2: Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.2 Patch

The team over at Obsidian Conflict have released a new patch for this mod for Half-life 2. Th...


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The team over at Obsidian Conflict have released a new patch for this mod for Half-life 2. This patch updates version 1.1 to 1.2. You can find the full version 1.1 at their site (link above) if you don't yet have this mod.

Changelist: - Updated to the latest Valve Codebase, HDR etc... - Telefragging radius lowered. - Medkit model replacment ( Hammer Option ) - Episode 1 GCF mounting option. - HL1 Gonarch added. - HL1 Scientist updates. - game_lives_manager entity added to give and take lives from the red and blue teams. - Team based NPCs option. - Helmet now prevents nerve gas damage. - Team player skins. - Hgrunt added, created from combine AI. - Added NPC Owner field in Hammer npc properties. - Added Valve MP3 Player. - Added hud countdown timer for mappers. ( Stop, Start, Hide, Show, Name, trigger inputs and outputs plus further customization. ) - Some npcs will be allowed to follow players on use, mappers choice. - Sniper Rifle Sway changed for the better. - Simple vote command for changing the level. Good if the map is stuck, etc... Vote is determined by a percentage console command. - Several included high def HL1 model replacements thanks to the HIT forums. - Player ragdoll gibs. - Garg Death Updated. - Garg Ragdoll gibs. - A number of FGD Updates / Changes.


- Fixed a number of crashes on the server and client. - Fixed some weapon texture issues. - Fixed a number of NPC Relationship issues. - Fixed talking Vortigaunt crash. - Tentacle can no longer die without scripting. - Fixed Medkit Drain issue while holding down the mouse button. - Fixed Slam weapon issues. - Fixed a Metrocop Crash. - Fixed Combine Camera not enabling on spawn. - Fixed dynamic props not being properly removed on break. - Fixed NPC characters disappearing during sequences. - Fixed Sniper laser not being properly removed when a player leaves a server. - Fixed crash related to the water shader.


- Updated Docks with HDR lighting. - Updated Stadium with new NPC spawns, large npc moderation, and HDR lighting. - Minimall map update. - Added Umizuri version F. - Added map oc_seamus. - Added map oc_evildead. - WGH map update.

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Download 'obsidianbeta1.2patch.exe' (57.91MB)

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