Half-Life 2 Outpost Map (v1.0)



This map was designed for a simple test of entity. As said in the notepad, this wasn't intended for public release. In this map you will experience being a combine, killing huge amounts of antlions, objectives such as protecting the commander and a lot of entity work such as scripted sequences, assaults and so on.




Firstly, this map was a test of scripted sequences, animations,
timers, assaults, antlion raids and so on. Secondly, this map
was in no mean of being released, since the building work was
rushed. While commenting please do not judge any of the building work.

As you can see, detail is also rushed and not correctly placed. Just shows how much time I put into building.

Bugs ; Since I planned no public release, and I have done, there
may be a few bugs such as some Npc's not performing there scenes
correctly or not appearing at all. Also, some texts appear on the
screen more than once.


Protect the Lobby
Advance to the commander
escort the commander to the elevator
Meet Dr Klenier
Protect the thumper, Dr klenier and Commander
Get to the Loft and survive until backup arrives.
You have finished.

Estimated game time is around 10-20 minutes. 

--DO NOT--

Whatever you do, DO NOT DE-COMPILE THIS MAP. If you wish to, permission must be granted by me, iDeekz. 
This map is only for test purposes, do not use this map for modifications, your own personal.

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