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Half-Life 2 Physgun Mod by jb55


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Half-Life 2 Physgun Mod by jb55

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JBMod v0.3
Created by:jb55
Contact: jackbox55@gmail.com

New Features in v0.3:
-New effects: sparks, energy splashes, different colored beams and pellets!
-Switched model to Super Physcannon
-512 pellets
-Ability to pick up live npcs, just like the superphyscannon
-Ability to delete individual pellets with the "use" key
-New Autoweld feature: Type phys_gunautoweld 1 in console to force the physgun to automatically
 weld when it makes contact, this makes welding to ragdolls ALOT easier.


1) unzip to half-life 2 folder (the folder that contains hl2.exe)
2) create a shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking the game
   on the game list and selecting "Create desktop shortcut". In the launch parameters
   of the shortcut add: -game jbmod -console

Example: "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 220 -game jbmod -console

3) to spawn a physgun ingame, type this in console: give weapon_physgun
4) to enable autowelding, type: phys_gunautoweld 1

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