Half-Life 2 Pilotable Strider Mod V0.2

In this new version of the Driveable Strider Mod, the main features are:

1. create_strider command

Now you ca...


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In this new version of the Driveable Strider Mod, the main features are:

1. create_strider command [binded to K key]

Now you can spawn a strider in Half-Life 2 maps. You can do it in Half-Life 2 original maps and also in custom maps. So now, you can create maps for Strider Mod and use them.

To do this, you must be watching the floor and then press K, or open the console [is binded to L key] and write create_strider.

Some more maps where Quartz has used Strider:


Then, when you spawn the strider, you must press the USE key to join it. So go next to a leg and press E.

2. Keyboard Control.

Now you can control the Strider with the Keyboard, so now you haven't tell where to go as before, now it's similar to a jeep or buggy. Note: Only turns and walks forward.

3. Crouching.

Directly with the Duck key. It will work only if you keep it pressed until it starts doing the animation. Same for standing up again.

4.Antimaterial cannon.

With the right mouse button. It doesn't work if you aren't walking.

5. Leg attacks.

With the Jumping key. You have to keep the target in the crosshair during the Strider takes impulse to attack with the leg, else you will fail (it's complicated first time, but finally you will do it).

6. Third person view.

With the Reload key. Be careful, it's very sensitive. In this view it's a lot more funnier.

How to install it:

To install the mod, it will be ok putting the folder StriderMod2 into the SourceMods folder included with the latest Steam's update included in "SteamApps --> [email protected]"

Then, go to the Games menu in Steam, and you should see it in the Third party games list called Stridermod2. Double click on it and start playing!

How to play:

You can load any singleplayer map from console (a Half-Life 2 maps, or a Custom map), or choose New Game and select a chapter of Half-Life 2 that you like. When you are in the map, you have to create a strider (if it's not there) and press the USE key to pilot it. Have fun!

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Download 'stridermod02.zip' (4MB)

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