Half-Life 2 Plan Of Attack Sml107 Weapon Skin

A really nicely done weapon skin for plan of attack, it improves the color allot.


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A really nicely done weapon skin for plan of attack, it improves the color allot.

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Download 'sml107.zip' (3.77MB)

-------Skin Made by Crawler--------

		Alrighty then, this is a long and pain staking task so get ready for some 
seriouse mouse clicking. Double click the "New" folder located next to this readme, right
click on the folder that says "materials" and go to copy. Now, open your Sourcemods folder
and then your planofattack folder, and here is where it gets tricky... right click on a 
white spot and go to "Paste"...few... I need some water... =P

		Alright, to get the old skin back (why in jimminy crickets name would you
do that?!) just do the same process only on the "Original" folder instead.

		The maker of this skin is not responsible for any damage that may or may 
not (most likely may not) be caused to your computer. It's just a skin ffs, the worst it
can do is mess up ur directory. Also, the skin featured here was created from original thought,
it was not a recreation. If this skin looks like someone elses, I am sorry, it is just a 

~Extra Note~
		This mod has really absorbed me these last couple of days, even tho I barely
was on my computer this week, I spent the few or so minutes I had playing PoA. I would like
to congradulate the PoA team on making one of the damn best mods I have seen for a while. The
sad shame is that some of the weapons don't look very... well... they look kind of crappy. So,
cut to the chase I made this skin cause I thought it would look nice in game, and I like it so
by statistics somebody else MUST like it also. Soooo... yea thats it, why are u still reading 
this? Go play already god damnit! =D

~Copyright Note~
		This and all other skins made by this author (Crawler) shall NOT be
used for commercial gain. In other words, screw you games fusion. If you want to
use any of my skins, for a pack that is FREE to everyone, please be my guest and add
credits if possible. If you are reskinning any of my skins, or featuring them in a
comic or such, you MUST add credits. Thank You!

FOR THE MOTHERLAND!?!? Have any good comments? Have anything you don't like? Go ahead and email
me at raf4a@yahoo.com. Or if u just wanna chat then hit me up on aim, I'm Crawler101010101
...don't ask... I'm barely on but if ur lucky u can catch me!

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