Half-Life 2 Plan Of Attack V2.0 beta

Plan Of Attack V2 Beta is a multiplayer first-person shooter that highlights strategy, teamwork, and out-thinking your enemy.



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Plan Of Attack V2 Beta is a multiplayer first-person shooter that highlights strategy, teamwork, and out-thinking your enemy.

Additions: New map, spark M25 and SVU semi-automatic sniper rifles French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish translations Addition of Valve's multiplayer physics code, allowing for smooth physics objects "Caps" (captures) are now on the scoreboard along with team scores and other minor enhancements Auto-kicking idle players after 5 minutes Elevation markers on the map for players and objectives Objectives can now be captured past the end of the round; as long as a player is in the objective, the round will continue. 3rd person view of your corpse while you die for 5 seconds Added a number of customizable scoring options, like score and round limits. By default, the game is the same. See the new CVAR list for details.

Changes: In-game chat uses team colors Prevent name changes when dead Remove non-functional spectator UI Escape now quits the buy menu Made exit from buy menu more clear Which objectives to defend are now shown in the defend tip (Ex: Defend I, III) Greatly reduced weapon "push back" Adjusted SMG accuracy and MG damage Grenades now fall and explode if you die with the pin pulled Can no longer change name while dead If you die, you can view all players on the map Can see objective status HUD element while observing Chat and tips no longer overlap

Fixes: Headbox hitbox when crouched now works properly Observering in first person now has recoil and sniper drift Can no longer see own own viewmodel in 3D space when observing Crosshair is now only visible in 1st person observing mode RPG "flames" hover in mid-air will now disappear sooner Buy menu and player identification are now centered in widescreen You no longer get a black screen from dying from a fall No longer able to snipe faster using pistol rolling Spectator name and health will now update properly Fixed a problem where you get no viewmodel when spectating The game no longer forces grenade throw on round restart The game no longer rewards team killing with XP Fixed getting multiple muzzle flashes in first person spectating No longer able to change class as spectator Fixed the rocket sound looping forever Light is now built with cubemaps Fixed an RPG pistol rolling exploit Fixed a number of other minor spectating issues Fixed a number of crashes Buy menu optimizations (much faster)

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