Half-Life 2: Ragnarok Arena Remastered (Beta 1)

Have you ever said "Man, I would love to go kill that guy if it wasn't for this pesky third dimension"? Well have we got a treat for you....


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Have you ever said "Man, I would love to go kill that guy if it wasn't for this pesky third dimension"? Well have we got a treat for you.

A sidescrolling, platforming multiplayer deathmatch - A randomly dispersed armory of more than twenty classic and original weapons from across the history of fragging and levels that capture the true essence of a sidescroller: Insane and without logic.

Utilizing the latest Valve Source engine, Ragnarok Arena Remastered aims to bring you the latest and greatest in sidescrolling deathmatch gameplay. Featuring larger maps, vibrant graphics and crowd pleasing technologies that have been around since 2004, RAR aims to bring Ragnarok Arena kicking and screaming into the twenty first century. And best of all, if you own any Source game that supports the Source SDK Base; well, you can play RAR. No Orange Box required!

Forget your third dimension - Welcome to the Ragnarok Arena.

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Download 'ragarenarbeta1.exe' (272.93MB)

Thank you for downloading Ragnarok Arena Remastered! We hope you enjoy the mod.

As this is a beta there will most likely be bugs and various other glitches. We ask you to voice any concerns on our forums at http://www.ragnarokarena.com

Weapons that are dropped with no ammo will dissapear and respawn shortly. 

A HUGE NOTE! For listen servers(The sort you host by just going to "New Game") , you will HAVE to changelevel after loading the server up. If you don't do this, the server will be stuck in sv_lan 1 mode. 

An FGD for mapping can be found in the bin folder.

And finally, if you enjoy the mod... why not think about posting on the offical forums? 


Global Warfare Mod for some exelent W models that we use for weapons. 
The RE Cold Blood team for the rest of the awesome W models.
Us for the very rest of the W models. (Like two.)
And CSS/DoDS for two other W models.

w_glock - Xander The Sailor and Street
Water effects - Loyen_, Coredamage from FPSBanana. 

RA_Compound - Ackart, Minuit
RA_Riverwood - Ackart
RA_Warehouse - DS
RA_Snowy - BanjoBoy, Ackart
RA_HeartOfEvil - SaxonSwine


James Bond - Goldeneye Source
Crusader Model - Age of Chivalry
American and Coalition Models - Plan of Attack
NGF Marine - Eternal Silence
USS Agent - Resident Evil Cold Blood
American and German Soldiers - Valve and the Day of Defeat Source development team
T_Leet and Urban - Valve and the Counter Strike Source development team
Gordon Freeman - I've... totally forgotten. Please, E-Mail me at ackart@ragnarokarena.com
Goldseal - The Counter-Strike team
Solid Snake - Konami and some cool dude on the Facepunch forums

And of course, thanks to the awesome guys at the Offical SDK Forums. And Interlopers.net for having some of the best mapping tutorials on the net!

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