Half-Life 2: Random Map Creator



Have you ever wished there where more maps in HL2:SP? Well, now there are. HL2 random map creator is prefect if you're looking for lots of zombie blasing single player action.

Go to http://hl2rmc.hl2files.com/ and follow the development of the next generation random map creator NOW!



Uninstall ANY PREVIUS version of HL2 random map creator before you continiune!


Big thanks to shadax, for helping me with major bugfix!
Visit the irc.rizon.net #galdonia for help.

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.34b:
 - Fixed some errors in the two new rooms

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.34:
 - Small fix where button wasnt disabled
 - Finaly fixed compability with all systems (the comma bug)
 - Small optimization of code
 - Fixed bug where the hl2rmc process would remain in memory after exit in some cases
 - Two more rooms added
 - Fixed bug where the file specifying ammo balance, was out of date so only weapons
   would spawn.

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.33:
 - Now supports internationall systems:
  - First room Freeze bug FIXED!
  - Out of bounds bug FIXED!
  - New system for decimal charachers
 - New log file system for easy trading

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.31:
 - Fixed "flashback" bug, when using program newly installed
 - Fixed bug where HL2rmc didn't kill it's process when it was terminated
 - Made some small GUI fixes
 - Optimized logger, wont create loads of log files now
 - Now askes user to launch HL2 even if a bad option is selected
 - Made it impossible to click buttons while compiling
 - Made it even more unlikely to get "out of bounds"

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.3:
 - Lots of compamility issues fixed
  - New function allows you to manualy select your Steam installation path
    instead of just crashing
 - "Out of bounds" issue fixed, the message is very unlikley to appear now
 - Made abort button
 - Made changes on the original end room
 - Updated Manual

Changes in HL2rmc 0.9.2:
 - Fixed bug: Doors (func_door_rotating) is now working
 - Fixed unbalanced items bug
 - Fixed unbalanced monsters in branched rooms
 - Made some fixes on HL2rmc SDK
 - Included source and template rooms into installation

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