Half Life 2 Realistic Sound FX



Here's a modifacation for Half Life 2 that change the sounds to what the author feels are more "realistic". The SMG, Shotgun, Pistol, Gravity Gun, and .357 Revolver have been changed for weapons, while other noises, such as the flashlight, or the suit rechargers have also been changed. The sounds themselves are well chosen, and fit well with the weapon they go with, they're also all very powerful sounding, and loud, which is good. The suit sound replacements are interesting, as not many sound mods have really replaced anything like that, making this mod among the first. :D This is a well done soundpack that's worth a try.



Half-life 2 Realistic Sound Fx by Matthew Di PRinzio
(Found these two gun sfx from counter-strike-dl.com, here are the names of the people credited with them as listed on the site)
Pistol Shot - Valve & Vunsunta
Shotgun shot - HK, modified by ziomek jebiesuki nabosaka

Everything else was crappy and free sound files that were edited, edited, edited, edited, and edited some more into what there are now;)

Drop the file into SteamApps>your email>Half-life 2>hl2 
*Warning!* You can put these into your half-life DM folder but the gravity gun sounds wont work so you'll have to delete them, all the other sounds should work perfectly.

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