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The third installment in the HL2 Realistic Sound Pack series, this version makes even more improvements, and adds yet more new sounds. Specifically more impact sounds have been added, such as more distinction between the metal and conrete impact noises. The only problem with the new sounds really is that the concrete noises just don't really sound like something is hitting concrete. It sounds more like some kind of metal. The weapon sounds haven't been tweaked very much, except for having the quality enhanced somewhat. More new sounds have been added, such as health noises when you pick up a medkit, and new footsteps sounds for various surfaces, such as metal, concrete, grass, mud, water, and more. This mod is quickly shaping up to be among the better sound packs out there.



Half-life 2 Enhanced SFX V3 by Matthew Di Prinzio
(Found these two gun sfx from counter-strike-dl.com, here are the names of the people credited with them as listed on the site)
Pistol Shot - Valve & Vunsunta
Shotgun shot - HK, modified by ziomek jebiesuki nabosaka

Everything else was crappy and free sound files that were edited, edited, edited, edited, and edited some more into what there are now;)

Drop the file into SteamApps>your email>Half-life 2>hl2 
WARNING! DONT PUT INTO HL2:DM, they are very glitchy, i'll make hl2:dm version later!
Sounds Included:
(v1)More realistic Pistol shot and reload
(v1)More realistic shotgun blast
(v1)Improved 357 shot
(v1)realistic smg shot and improved reload
(v2)Remade Sprinting without energy sound fx 
(v1)New flashlight on/off sound fx
(v2)Realistic Suit Charger sound fx
(v2)When the player is hit you can now hear his suit rip apart with sparks and an occasional "ARPH!" sound. 
(v3)crowbar impacts such as metal and concrete have been updated and wood added.
(v3)Enhanced healthkit/ healthvial sfx
(v3)New footstep sounds have been created and all have a subtle hydralic sound added to them that represents the small electronic motors in Gordons suit assisting his legs. The new sounds include concrete, metal, dirt, gravel, grates, sand, grass, and mud. New ladder climbing sfx have been added that have a higher pitch hydralic sound giving the impression of high stress.
(v3)New Sprinting with energy sound fx 

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