Half-Life 2 Revolters Promo Video

revolters_dp_promo.zip —


"Revolters" is 2 maps made for HL2DM in Team Deathmatch mode. They both offer different cool objectives for each team like destroying the Combine base, blowing up the rebel armament truck or rescue Alyx from the Combine and teleport her to Kleiner's lab.

Not only does it look and feel like the HL2 campaign maps, but it also plays like it: Take the role of a Rebel soldier and protect the very last breed of Revolters in their own Headquarters. Step inside the action as a Combine super-soldier and desinfect the streets of City 17 along with your troops.

After 3 evenings of filming and organisation, over 4 gigs of raw video remixed and put all together doubled by a cool soundtrack, here it is... the "Revolters" Promo Video.

It's a nice 6 minute showcase of Revolters 1.2 A and B as well as a nice showoff performance by the people cought playing the map.

Tons of nice moves, a truck load of bullets and blood splatters... and a couple of cool tricks for those still wondering how to play this map!

Take a download of it... and check out the credits too... you won't regret :D

"Revolters" changes the face of Half-Life 2 Deathmatch...


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