Half-Life 2 Sam's Sound Pack



Here's version two of the original soundpack by Sam. This time around he's added some "humourous" NPC sounds. I'm sorry to say that a lot of them aren't of too good quality, and some are a bit ridicoulous. This is personal preference, however, as well I may prefer more serious gamplay, someone else may want more light-hearted gameplay. It's up to you.

The .357 has only gotten better, and now sounds as powerful as it should be. The pistol sounds almost the same, except that it's a little more "scratchy" now, which I suppose is a little better. The shotgun noise should probably just be replaced with a completly different sound, as it just isn't of very high quality, and the sound itself seems to get almost cut off at the end of the shot. The SMG sound almost sounds like the M1A1 Carbine from Call of Duty for some reason.

This pack is atleast an improvement, and with enough work, and enough sounds replaced intelligently, it could become a fairly good soundpack (minus the "humourous npcs" :D)




Sam Miller

sams hl2 weapon sounds v2

ive taken into consideration the comments mad cat had to offer.

amplified all weapon sounds
boosted bass on all weapon sounds
added 2 different songs to the beginning of the game
added funny npc lines to the beginning
added npc zombie sound that will change the ravenholm section of the game from genuinley creepy, to hilarious.

this mod changes sounds for

to install simply place in your valve/steam/steamapps/yourusername/halflife2/hl2  folder 

if there is already
a folder entitled "sound" then take out the "weapons" folder in the zip folder, and place it in the sound folder

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