Half-Life 2 Slowmotion Script

halflife_2_slowmo_script_v2.zip —


Similar to "Half-Life 2 Bullettime2 Script" but does not screw with gravity or anything like that and wont slow the game to a ridiculously slow crawl.

Changes: Tweaked the timings slightly and added new mode. Can now choose between a slowmo mode with heightened reflexes or just plain slowmo/bullettime.



Half-Life 2 SlowMo Script v2
If you liked the Max Payne bullet time or F.E.A.R SlowMo then you will like this script. To install place "slowmo.cfg in C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\ SteamApps\account name\half-life 2\hl2\cfg. At the Half-Life 2 console enter exec slowmo without the quotation marks. Then hold the [Shift] key for a heightened relflexes effect(basically sprint while in slowmo). Hold the [Ctrl] key for just the slow motion/bullettime effect. These are good for getting past those tough spots in the game. And if you know how feel free to open slowmo.cfg with notepad and change the key bindings to whatever you want.

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