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Home Page | Forums | Downloads | Developers | Contact Us About the mod: SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch modification built around the HL2:DM code, changing the gameplay and including new materials.

The game consists of two distinct phases: "Build Phase" and "Combat Phase". During the build phase players create structures out of building materials located in the map to defend both the flag and team. After the initial build time is the combat phase, during which the players are given weapons according to their chosen class and attempt to capture the enemy's flag. The combat and build phases then alternate until the end of the round.


- Events for scoring, touching flags, returning flags, many more. - map_restart [time until restart] -> map_restart [time] 1 - Resets map, but keeps scores. - league_flipteams - league_flipscores - league_flip - Flips teams and scores. - Added French language file. - cl_help (default : 1). When different from 0, all help messages are shown (such as "You can't freeze this object here!"). - Added sf_freeze_delay which sets the time between unfreezing objects in build phase. - Counter Strike Source's menu (amx) _ Maps (overload, conduit, metalurgy, nowhere)


- Players now get 20 points for capturing the flag. - Players now get 5 points for unfreezing an enemy plate. - The flag no longer collides with players. - Reduced shotgun damage. - Increased sub machine gun damage. - Increased pistol damage. - Weapon bucket positions tweaked. - Enabled console by default. - Block models optimized. - Block skins changed. - All corpses are removed on a phase change. - You must now wait 1sec. before freezing another object in Combat Phase. - Flag holder icon. - Physic kill icon. - Default player class is once again the Scout. - Reduced flag pickup delay. It's now a cvar, sf_flag_pickupdelay, default 1.3. - Players now can't freeze the block being froze by some else. - Players now can't unfreeze the same block.


- Spawn bugs. - Flag collision exploits. - Class numbers now match with the corresponding keyboard number. - Removed "null" class (happened when entering "playerclass 5" in console). - Rocket trail bug. - Fixed bug where the timer would display negatives value. - Fixed bug where a block-freezing could be stop by the other team by running up to the block with the gravgun.

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Download 'sourceforts_1.9.2.tar.bz2' (37.64MB)

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