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SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch capture the flag mod with a twist ( besides the flag actually being a ball ) There are two phases a "build phase" and a "combat phase". In the build phase players build bases and other structures with blocks and plates to protect themselves and their team's flag. The constructing is done with the Gravity Gun that allows you to freeze and unfreeze objects, pick them up and move them. Each side has a limited amount of objects so use them vigilant.

In the combat phase you will have to try and steal the enemies flag and return it to your flag. This is harder then it sounds since the other team will most likely have build an entire fort worthy of Mordor during the build phase to protect their flag. You can however unfreeze the enemies objects with the engineer class ( more about the classes below ) to make a hole in their defenses. The result is total mayhem where you have to defend your walls/structures, try to find a breach or create one in your enemies base, try not to get killed and get their flag and at the same time lay waste to the opposite team. This results in a awesome chaotic match with a different twist each round. The mod also has several different classes which each have their ups and downs.

A must have mod if you're into CTF with a twist, also a great mod to play over lan with a bunch of buddies, fun guaranteed

Note that this trailer doesn't represent the latest version

Scout This is the fastest class, the main role of which is to dodge enemy fire and get the flag. With the unique ability to fire when sprinting, the Scout is a formidable class, albeit one that is difficult to master in a match situation. It is armed with the Submachine Gun (SMG), 9mm pistol, grenades and the crowbar, and has 100 hit points (HP) and 15 armor points (AP). Soldier The slowest class but with most armor. Often used for shooting from barricades or leading an all out assault, the strong armor of the Soldier makes it an effective class and difficult to kill, but can be overcome by a quick opponent aiming for the head. It is armed with the Combine Overwatch Pulse Rifle, 9mm pistol, a stunstick and grenades, and has 100 HP and 75 AP. Engineer The second-weakest and second-slowest of the classes, the Engineer makes up for the lack of health and armour with its abilities. Using the Gravity Gun (the only class which can use it in the Combat Phase), the Engineer can repair their own team's panels and blocks, unfreeze and modify blocks in combat, and unfreeze/steal enemy blocks to make holes for fellow teammates to enter. The Gravity Gun also has other combat uses, such as using panels as projectile weapons, as well as picking up armed grenades and lobbing them over walls and long distances. A little known (and useful) fact is that the Gravity Gun can heal friendly players, by left clicking on them. The Engineer is armed with the Gravity Gun, shotgun, 9mm pistol, grenades and stunstick, and has 80 HP and 20 AP. Rocketeer Perhaps the most potent class in the game in terms of sheer stopping power, the Rocketeer's main weapon is the rocket launcher (RPG), which shoots off dumb-fire rockets (the laser painter sight guidance system from Half-Life 2 removed). Often the choice of class by new players, leading to the term of being dubbed a 'rocket-whore', experienced players master the timing and ballistics of the RPG as a weapon, and use it to rocket jump over the highest walls, some able to predict the movement of other players and intercept with well-timed rockets. Rocket launching is also used in the game as a 'party trick' - firing a rocket at an enemy's feet will cause their ragdoll to fly sometimes hundreds of feet into the air and across the map. The Rocketeer is armed with the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG), SLAM mines, grenades, 9mm pistol and the stunstick, and has 100 HP and 40 AP. Sniper The weakest and slowest (along with the Soldier) class, the sniper is armed with the powerful crossbow. A difficult class to master due to often fast moving players, experienced and well dug-in snipers can be welcome assets on the battlefield. The class is armed with the crossbow, 9mm pistol, grenades and stunstick, and has 75 HP with no armor.

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Download 'sourceforts193_client.zip' (120.78MB)


- 2x2 2D block. Added to all maps, spawnable via the cube shaped button.
- 1.5x4 2D block. Only available in one official map, but freely available for community mapper's use.
- Server variable "sf_forceteams". Forces players to join a particular team. (0 = Inactive 1 = Force blue 2 = Force red)
- func_disposer_selective
- Block counter on HUD.
- Dynamic block skins for damage levels.
- Maps (sphinx_v2, astrodome, angular, basin2, peakvalley, valley2, cargo, crete, underpass, league_pre_match)
- Spectator mode fully functional

- Block skins changed.
- All corpses are removed on a phase change.
- Irrelevent HUD items are invisible during build phase.
- HUD items display in team colours.
- RPG smoke trails display in team colours.
- Blocks break into gibs upon destruction.
- Game timer in minutes and seconds.
- RPG reloads after 1.5 seconds.
- Scoreboard. Seperate score and frag column.
- Block health displays when viewing a friendly block with the gravity gun equipped at close range.
- Players spawn with full ammunition.
- Only one touch point could be score by a player per spawn.
- All classes can sprint and shoot at the same time.
- Block health is 4000 by default.
- Suicides in build phase do not contribute to scoreboard.

- Fast-block healing exploit
- Fast-shotgun exploit
- Slam-planting exploit

- Shotgun secondary fire.
- 1x1x1 3D block
- Maps (atrium, tread, rooftop, tallgrass, magma, fieldtrip, platform)

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