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SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch mod where Combine and Rebels face off in capture-the-flag action with a big twist. Players b...


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SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch mod where Combine and Rebels face off in capture-the-flag action with a big twist. Players build bases and other structures with blocks and plates in the "build phase" to protect themselves and their team's flag (which is actually a ball), and then fight it out and try to capture the enemy's flag in the "combat phase". Once the combat phase has ended, it's back to build, where players can repair, improve, and change their creations to ready them for the next combat phase.

v1.9.0 has scrapped the money system, and instead takes advantage of a player class system. This gives players many different ways to play the game, while still keeping it balanced no matter how long a single game has gone on. The five classes include the heavy hitting Soldier, the quick and nimble Scout, the fort wrecking Rocketeer, the long range Sniper, and the Builder, which allows players to continue to build even after the build phase has ended. The Builder can build, repair, and steal enemy blocks, making his an essential role on any team.

SourceForts v1.9.0 brings updated versions of classic maps, such as sf_abandon, sf_fieldtrip, and sf_valley, as well as the brand new sf_magma, sf_reservoir, sf_rooftop, and sf_nowhere.

This release of sourceforts sorts out a HUGE amount of the bugs which were plaguing this mod. Now, with a stable release and Linux binaries we can see it shine!

Note : -It may be advisable for some people, after the steam update to run this mod with the –‘dxlevel 81’ command line modifier to help improve performance.

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Download 'sourceforts1.9.0.exe' (13.32MB)


1. Installation
2. Credits
3. Licence
4. Warranty

* N.B. - SourceForts v1.4.2 must be deleted in order to cleanly install v1.9.0. You
should back up any files you wish to keep before installing.

Run the installer sourceforts-1.9.0.exe and install to your Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods


SourceForts website: http://www.sourcefortsmod.com

- jlf
- Voltaire

Level Design:
- Stinger
- Tylak
- H.A.S.E.
- Stieffers

- Overdose

Thanks to:
- Knifa, for the original concept and versions up to v1.4.1 (http://www.knd.org.uk)
- entRo, for running the beta tests
- the Beta-Testing team for hours of hard enjoyment and IRC idling
- Code2Master for the icon (http://code2master.deviantart.com)
- Yoji Oshimoto for the 04b09 pixel font (http://www.04.jp.org)

- You may play this modification in conjunction with a legitimate copy of Half-Life 2.
- You may redistribute this installation package in its unmodified form through any
medium. If you wish to charge money for this service (through subscription download
services, magazine cover disks etc.), please e-mail [email protected]
- You may *not* use all or part of this modification for any other purpose (except
custom SourceForts levels) without permission from the author.

This software is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties,
including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchanability and fitness
for a particular purpose.

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