Half-Life 2 SourceForts Ridgewood Map

This is a map created for the HL2 mod SourceForts, ha...


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This is a map created for the HL2 mod SourceForts, have fun! :)

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Download 'sf_ridgewood.rar' (634KB)

This is a SourceFort map made for the mod sourcefort. 

Installation Instructions:
Installation is fairly simple....unzip the .bsp file into the file- 
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\SourceForts\maps. Thats it then go in sourcefort create a server and have fun!!!

I would greatly apreciate you adding this map to a dedicated server of yours if you like it.
Also, I would appreciate any feedback you have on it. please email your opinions or if you are
going to use my map on your server to j3bus.petey@gmail.com or my xfire: smash3d
currently i do not have a website (between hosts)

p.s: I have included a .vmf file in here for those who would like to elaborate on my map further 
if you do so please include a copy of the edited .vmf to me at my email


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