Half-Life 2 SP Boat House Map

This single player map has been made by Starbug , and this is his first map he has made for Half life 2, rather unimaginatively named "boath...


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This single player map has been made by Starbug , and this is his first map he has made for Half life 2, rather unimaginatively named "boathouse", and most definately belongs in the single player section :).

What makes this map different from all the other combine vs rebel maps?

almost completely breakable house, all the walls and the roof are

breakabke! watch as your cover is blown away by the combine! some fun traps to use against the combine! a vortigaunt!

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Download 'boathouse.zip' (4.02MB)

Boathouse Single Player map read me

Story (there's a story?!)

You, Gordon Freeman (who else!) are heading to a rebel hideout in an old boathouse, situated on a now dried up river. The combine are about to attack, can you survive? (about to attack? so much for a "hideout"!)



1: Unzip 'boathouse.zip' (I probably didn't need to tell you that!)

2: Open up C:/program files/valve/steam/steamapps/'username'/half-life2/hl2

3: Place boathouse.bsp in your maps folder

4: Place boathouse.ain in your graphs folder, which is in that very same maps folder

5: Place the .vcd files in your scenes folder, if you don't have one make one (or use this one!) place it in the 'hl2' folder, NOT the maps folder (and not 'half-life2' folder either)

6: Startup half life 2 with the console enabled
(do that by right clicking the hl2 shortcut in your start menu, go to 'properties', go to the shortcut tab and put outside the quotation marks "-console" (without quotes) in the 'Target' feild.)

7: On the main menu press the ` key (just below esc) to bring down the console and type "map boathouse" without the quotes. Press enter and wait. keep waiting. It'll load soon enough.

8: Recomended difficulty: Normal or Hard. Though Hard gets very hard at the end!

Random stats

My first half life 2 map! though not the first map i've ever made. I've also made a Doom 3 map called Zombie shuffle, which was more funny than anything else :)

This map took me just over 6 weeks to complete, including the time it took me to learn how to use hammer.

In contrast, it should take you just about half an hour to complete.

The flaming log trap is an idea i took from Stronghold 2 (made by Firefly studios), which contains an altogether more fun and more medieval flaming log trap to use, yet somehow isn't lethal to the most basic of troops...?

For anyone else thinking of making a (almost) completely breakable house, beware!  all those func breakables means i have used literally 101.0% of the entity data allowed for a hl2 map. Though it still runs which shows it has a little leeway at the edge.


Hints and tips

*don't shoot the explosive barrels as soon as you see them! Your supposed to use those!

*there are some vitally important weapons at the very beggining of the level, find them before you run off

*the map autosaves at key points so you don't have to!

*if you somehow manage to tip the buggy over at the begginning of the level, you won't be able to continue, start again dammit! (that ladder isn't broken, it's disabled until you get the car in the house)

*don't demolish your house for the fun of it, you'll have little left for cover! quicksave and THEN demolish the house for the fun of it!

*your allies aren't just cannon fodder, they're vital to your survival! (well okay...the guys on the bottom floor ARE cannon fodder :), but you'll have an easier time if you help them)

*there are no medikits or dispensers (cept the stuff the combine drop), protect your medics and vortigaunt!

*don't forget you have an infinite supply of grenades and SMG ammo!

*there are hidden supply crates in various places outside the house

This level was tested using a GeForce 3 Ti 200 128mb card, so if it runs on my computer, it should run on yours! unless yours is worse than mine then well... good luck.

Bugs and things

*for reasons known only to himself, the vortigaunt prefers to engage manhacks in hand to hack combat. Also, he is sometimes anoying and says he can't charge you cos your moving even when your not. Just manovour in front of him till he charges you

*the rebels on the top floor have been known to occasionally release the barrel traps by bumping into the leavers

*the planks of wood that make up the walls and roof produce no shadows of their own, so some of the lighting just isn't right. However the planks aren't permanant either, so it's the best compromise

*some other minor lighting glitches on the tunnels and the rubble outside the house. (the lighting on them changes when you move in and out of the sunlight)

*looking at the whole house from a distance usually results in a large drop in fps. That's why it's best to fight in the house, so you don't see all of it at once (and you have more cover!)

*the ending sequence is not in slowmotion, that's lag! though this does not involve fighting, so your just watching it happen. On my computer anyway, it will be better for more powerful computers.

*on occasion a lone manhack may get stuck inside the tunnel thing, unless you go down to investigate in which case it'll fly out at you

*if you park the buggy badly on the lift into the house (e.g part of the car is over the edge of the lift) then don't be suprised when you get a nasty buggy-lift-floor sandwich, in which the buggy ends up halfway in the floor.

*at the end of the map, the buggy will be mentioned. should it be incapacitated for any reason, RUN! (you'll know why at the end of the map!)

legal muhh

don't sell my map for profit don't copy the map and claim it to be yours yadda yadda ya.

however, feel free to use any ideas you see here. Heck, decompile my map and see how i did everything if you want!

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, critisism or whatever, or you just want the .vmf file, email me at pzannetouAThotmailDOTcom

Questions/Help! i'm stuck/supply crate related questions (SPOILERS!)(sort of)

Q:that boathouse doesn't actully have anything to do with boats, does it?

A:not....not really no


A:i felt like it! and yes the crows fly funny, they're not really supposed to come out of crates...

Q:hey! that was mean! i was expecting goodies in that crate!

A: well they won't kill ya... much. It was just to show it could be done really :). i tried putting other NPCs in there but they came out sorta.... sideways...

Q: It keeps killing me! you haven't given me a rocket launcher, so how am i supposed to...?! wtf! omfg!

A: It drops supply crates everytime THAT happens, which contain vital supplies you need to take IT out!

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