Half-Life 2 SP_Dayhard Map

Now this you got to love, part 3 of the Single Player Map, a MUST play! :)


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Now this you got to love, part 3 of the Single Player Map, a MUST play! :)

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Download 'dayhardpart3.zip' (7.56MB)

DAY HARD ( part 3 )            (eng)

So you've managed to escape from your building... you survived the battle on the streets..  now what? you're not trying to save the world, you are not Gordon! You are his brother Morgan,  and all you care for is just finding a safe spot. You have to reach the airport : you don't know how to fly, so now it's the time to learn. It's still going to be an hard day for you: some crazy generals control the area... so good luck Morgan, you're gonna need it!

INSTALLATION ( very important !) 

1\ Open the zip file. Extract all the content out ( it will create subfolders and make your next task easier) 
2\ Place Dayhardpart3.bsp in the half life 2 maps directory 
3\ place the content of the other folders in the corresponding folders!   like this:

- open scenes, copy the folder 'DayHard'  and place it in the Half life 2 'scenes' directory.  
- open sounds, copy MP3 and place it inside the Half Life 2 'sounds' directory. 
- open maps, open graphs, and place the dayhard_part3.ain inside the half life 2 'maps'\ 'graph' folder

example:  for the scenes, the location should be like this: "half life 2\ hl2 \scenes\ Day Hard" 

-the flashlight and the zoom options are disabled. After playing the map you can set them again from the menu. 
-the map uses console commands, so it's best not to use any cheats or anything else while playing. 


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