Half-Life 2: SP Powerstation 17 Map (v1.0)

In this single player map for Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman infiltrates a powerstation commandeered by Combine forces in an effort to destabil...


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In this single player map for Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman infiltrates a powerstation commandeered by Combine forces in an effort to destabilize their control of the region.

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Download 'powerstation17.zip' (10.72MB)

Powerstation 17
A single player mod for Half-Life 2

Date:		August 18th, 2008
Version:	1.0
Author:		Jason Gimba
Web:		http://www.kyomaps.com
E-mail:		kyouryuu@gmail.com


Gordon Freeman infiltrates a powerstation commandeered by Combine
forces in an effort to destabilize their control of the region.


1. Unzip the contents of SP_Powerstation17.zip to your SourceMods
folder (i.e. C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsSourceMods).

2. If Steam was already running, restart Steam and you should see
Powerstation 17 as an available mod to play.  Otherwise, simply
launch Steam.

Known Issues:

- In the reactor room, energy orbs can sometimes re-seat themselves
in the tubes when they are flying around, though it does not
affect the final outcome.

Version History:

Updates from 0.97:
- Did some texture alignments on the big tank railings.
- Replaced the garage doors with func_door instead of func_movelinear
- Aligned the monitor textures in the top floor control room so the
displayed image is no longer flipped horizontally.

Updates from 0.96:
- The doll squeaks when the player picks it up.
- More texture alignments.

Updates from 0.95:
- Clean up of the background map, removing assets that didn't need
to be loaded and adding some minor details.
- Fixed the sprinklers in the hub room ending in midair.
- Minor tweaks with info_lightings.

Updates from 0.94:
0.95 is largely a clean-up release that resolves issues introduced
in 0.94.
- Fixed all info_lighting issues.
- Fixed the rolling grenade in the first room.
- Toned down the spotlights to highlight the rocket launcher area.
- Tweaked fog settings some more.
- Carefully tweaked wine bottles so they sit upright on the tables.

Updates from 0.93:
- Finally got the ragdoll magnet working on the balcony.  Added
doors as well.
- Started a pass on info_lighting placement to even out lighting,
esp. on the garbage composite props.  There are a few that still
need fixing.
- Added a couple spotlights to highlight the rocket launcher
corridor.  These should be tuned down a bit in the next build.
- Removed a lot of the pulsing lights added in 0.92 to help
- Revised the way pigeons spawn.
- Added sparks to the reactor's destruction.
- Added wine bottles and boxes to many of the tables.
- Added a couple grenades to the starting room, though they have
a tendency to roll into the main area.
- Changed Water LOD settings on transition to top floor.

Updates from 0.92:
- Further improvements to the turret so it essentially mirrors the
turrets in d2_coast_12.
- Added a balcony to the side of the Northern Petrol building to
support an additional level of combat for the turret.
- Tweaked the pulsing lights added in 0.92 and added a couple
- Added an additional music track during the metrocop battle en
route to Powerstation 17.
- Added some batteries to the above area in the back of one of the
- Added more details around the building the gunship spawns from
and tweaked the position of the mountain in the skybox.  Also added
another smokestack to the skybox.
- Minor detailings and prop placement tweaks, such as populating
the shelves with miscellaneous props.

Updates from 0.91:
- Replaced the sniper with a group of metrocops that are capable of
manning the turret.
- Changed some parameters on the turret so it can pivot faster.
- Fixed an incorrect setting on the turret's gibshooter that made it
emit three times as many shell casings as it should have.
- Added a health recharge station to the reactor room.
- Added some blinking lights to the reactor room and the water room.
- Added an autosave point located after the dropship battle, but
before the skylight battle.
- Fixed a incorrect weapon on two of the dropship Combine.  They
now all have SMGs and the battle should be much easier as a result.

Updates from 0.90:
- Fixed a crash problem with the twin doors by slaving one door to
the other.
- Fixed an elevator problem where the blocker brush would intersect
and destroy the player if they were standing in the doorway when
they pushed the button.
- Adjusted height of displacements in gunship battle area.
- Replaced greenish water with canal water.
- Synchronized the title screen and gunship battle areas so they
better reflect changes in each.
- Minor cubemap improvements.
- Added barrels to the pre-reactor room.


	Design and Construction
					Jason Gimba
					Jon Azzara				
					David Bollesen
					Dustin DeVoe
					Peter Giokaris
					Darren Korman
					Brian Morgan
					Bradley Rebh
					Micah Rollins
					Randal Shaffer

	Special Thanks
					All Tutorial Authors
					Nem's Tools
					SDK Nuts
					Valve Developer Community

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