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Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE GOLD gives the HL2 single player campaign harder challenges and hectic action: 4 gamemodes to test your skills with, a wide array of weapons and 5 different player classes to best suit your gaming style. Welcome to the real Substance, what action is made of!


New single player campaign modes: European Extreme mode is a nightmare/legendary difficulty with all the Substance features but no extra encounters - best for low-level hardwares; the Gordon Tales are an alternate take on Freeman's arrival to C17, which start with a new intro and follow his steps in the Seventeen Years War - think of the chaos of the "Follow Freeman!" chapter,only from the beginning; while Survivor mode is based on health management and trades Halo shields for medikits, so you must save and leech health or an error too many in the canals could prove fatal only in the citadel!; Gameplay additions: bullet time + fast reload as in Max Payne 2, gruesome new gibbing system,friendly fire,open wounds, Critical Hit System as in Shogo (score headshots and melee kills to win health!), the weapons' weight affect your walk speed, fast Punch button, crosshair disappears if you don't slow down, alternate firemodes, allies spawning, enemy conversions, incendiary/dark energy shells, kill striders with normal guns and meet bullsquids, houndeyes, assassins and stalkers; The lost Raising the Bar HL2 intro recreated by MedicDance and Smanu85; Get acquainted with the new game features in the revised VR Training map or enjoy the Substance comics by artist LKL; The HEV FORMS class system,press "TAB" and select your personality among the following ones! Unlocked once you acquire the crowbar from Barney.

[GORDON FREEMAN] is a scientist and knows how to play defensively while exploiting his enemies' advanced technology to build friendly units and nasty traps. Abilities: HEV Shield (protects from damage and melee attacks in particular) and thermal flashlight (can be focused until it burns enemies) Weapons: punch,crowbar,stunstick+manhack,pistol,mp5+grenade (employs hand grenades),dual combine ball launcher,jackhammer+turrett,bugbait+antlion,berserk ggun (turns super if you use it for a while),explosive-stuffed proximity headcrab (kill headcrabs,win ammo),covenant grenade,quad free fire rpg;

[LIQUID SNAKE] is the terrorist leader of fox-hound and his specialties are mass killings and stylish matrixesque executions with any kind of weapon or even bare-handed fights. Abilities: Killing Spree,HEV Knuckles,super throw (splash enemies with crates or barrels),extended bullet time Weapons: punch,tazer,stunstick+manhack,desert eagle,AK47,HK23,Vulcan minicannon,super shotgun 1/2/4 ammo,cluster incendiary grenade,quad free fire rpg,bugbait+antlion,berserk ggun;

[SOLID SNAKE] is a talented spy who relies on his stealth camouflage to evade capture or to approach and kill unaware foes in close quarters combat or silent arms. Abilities: Stealth Camouflage,Fortune Device (EMP explosion that hurts close enemies and makes impossible for enemy bullets to hit you),HL1 Long Jump Module,Double Jump and Leap attack (mid-air melee attacks are stronger) Weapons: knife,silenced pistol,silenced famas,silenced crossbow with normal+fire+explosive arrows,gravity gloves (choke enemies!),the slam,chaff grenade (converted combines are friendly to you and slaughter each other),quad free fire rpg,bugbait+antlion,berserk ggun;

[BIG BOSS] is an infiltrator who has learnt the ways of the predator in the jungle, healing his own wounds and capping his targets from afar with famed precision. Abilities: morfine shot,nightvisions,crouch mimetism Weapons: hunting knife,stunstick+manhack,flaregun,free fire scoped desert eagle,scoped tranquillizer shotgun,scoped AWP with embedded bullet time,scoped bigger jackhammer,scoped OICW,quad free fire rpg,bugbait+antlion,berserk ggun,proximity headcrab;

[GRAY FOX] is a ninja wrath who shifts through the fabric of reality to coldly murder any living thing fool enough to try and oppose him. This form is locked until you beat the game once. Abilities: Shift to Spectral Plane,Ultimate Fortune Device and Instant Gib with any weapon Weapons: progressive katana,sns-50,sawed-off,xm-8,AUG rifle,super ggun,covenant grenade,chaff grenade,slam,quad free fire rpg,bugbait+antlion;

General fixes: stats are now ported through levels,fixed bugs concerning invisibility,blue grids and turrets. If you get stuck in a level,hit the Bugfix button on the main menu. If you get too many crashes,lower your audiovideo details and customize your launch options as stated in the FAQs; System requirements: 1G ram, 2.5Ghz processor for medium detail,anisotropic and AAS disabled.

For the complete Feature list, its highly recommended to check out the Change log page For every single details on the new things! Substance Gold v1.2 Change Log

And even the Mod Profile has been updated, its worthy to take a look at that as well if you are looking for more of a short version of the new feature list. Substance Mod Profile


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