Half-Life 2 Substance Patch

Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE GOLD gives the HL2 single player campaign harder challenges and hectic action: 4 gamemodes to test your skills with, a...


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Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE GOLD gives the HL2 single player campaign harder challenges and hectic action: 4 gamemodes to test your skills with, a wide array of weapons and 5 different player classes to best suit your gaming style. Welcome to the real Substance, what action is made of!


New single player campaign modes: European Extreme mode is a nightmare/legendary difficulty with all the Substance features but no extra encounters - best for low-level hardwares; the Gordon Tales are an alternate take on Freeman's arrival to C17, which start with a new intro and follow his steps in the Seventeen Years War - think of the chaos of the "Follow Freeman!" chapter,only from the beginning; while Survivor mode is based on health management and trades Halo shields for medikits, so you must save and leech health or an error too many in the canals could prove fatal only in the citadel!; Gameplay additions: bullet time + fast reload as in Max Payne 2, gruesome new gibbing system,friendly fire,open wounds, Critical Hit System as in Shogo (score headshots and melee kills to win health!), the weapons' weight affect your walk speed, fast Punch button, crosshair disappears if you don't slow down, alternate firemodes, allies spawning, enemy conversions, incendiary/dark energy shells, kill striders with normal guns and meet bullsquids, houndeyes, assassins and stalkers; The lost Raising the Bar HL2 intro recreated by MedicDance and Smanu85; Get acquainted with the new game features in the revised VR Training map or enjoy the Substance comics by artist LKL; The HEV FORMS class system,press "TAB" and select your personality among the following ones! Unlocked once you acquire the crowbar from Barney.

This patch fixes the loud helicopter at the beginning of the Gordon Tales. Check below for a full list of changes.

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Download '12patch.zip' (3.94MB)

= HL²: Substance 1.2 to 1.22 patch =

version: 1.21
release: 1/8/2006
website: http://ludus1942.ngi.it
contact: [email protected]

= Patch history =

- Damage doubled for silenced pistol,famas grenades and OICW

- The HEV Shield now drains more aux power when absorbing damage

- Alyx,Barney and Father Grigori will no longer mercilessly execute you on the spot if you hit them by mistake

- The vortigaunt in the canals no longer recharges you forever when you play Survivor gamemode

- The Thermal Flashlight no longer can be tweaked to fire without pressing the Secondary Ability button first

- Jeeps no longer start with turbo toggled on if you enter them with Primary Ability / Turbo still toggled on

- Dog and the dropship can no longer be picked up with the super gravity gun

- If you ask an allied to "stay there",they will for real!

- Citizens will no longer stop firing rockets in d3_c17_12

- The helicopter in d1_trainstation_01 is no longer so loud

- Player can no longer cheat reloading times by switching weapons and then pressing Last Weapon while reloading a gun

- Player can no longer cheat Stealth aux requirements by holding objects while invisible

= How to install =

Extract this zip file into your c:\program files\valve\steam\steamapps\sourcemods folder and let it overwrite the older files when you are asked.

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