Half-Life 2 Substance V0.32 Singleplayer Mod

HL2: Substance V0.32 includes 32 levels, many skin addons and a soundpack!

Rise and shine ... once more with this great Half-Life 2 Singl...


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File Description

HL2: Substance V0.32 includes 32 levels, many skin addons and a soundpack!

Rise and shine ... once more with this great Half-Life 2 Singleplayer modification!

Enhanced single player experience by xdiesp:

This mod gives a new breath to HL² single player by improving each and every aspect of its gameplay. In short,no level plays the same again. I'm a fanatic of intensive action and my levels speak for me. Voidness and boredom in HL2 are no more! Challenges have been improved too. The SP veterans will be pleased, expect a Nova Prospekt-like requirement of skill since the very start. Gigantic, bloody battles never seen before will enrage on your screen, and you'll never fight them alone because teamplay is another milestone of mine.

Rebel forces, vortigaunt pals; keep your friends closer than ever! Try the 7th level to see what is meant by this - it's better than a thousand words. The new variety of this SP will surprise you. The original HL2 experience is dramatically subverted. Don't try to imagine what will come next, keep a firm grip on your gun or you'll soon cease to exist! New skins and sound are included to further personalize your new passage through City17. Welcome to the real substance, what the action is made of!

Installation guide:

Extract the zip archive into your C: -> program files -> valve -> steam -> steamapps -> sourcemods directory. To play, simply load steam and select "Play games -> HL2Substance". Then pick the Substance level of your choice from the "New Game" menu. When you beat a level, the next one will be loaded automatically (Note: level 26 must be loaded manually).

System requirements

These richer, more frantic versions of HL² stages may sometimes use a slightly higher quantity of system resources than the relatively plain, old ones did - this is normal. If you experience slow downs, try and lower down a bit your level of detail or resolution setting. HL² graphics are so great that you won't even notice the quality loss, while instead fully appreciating the FPS boost!

As a last word, enjoy this great modification and feel free to share your opinions and any bugs/glitches below! :D

Note: Half-Life 2 Substance V0.32 - V0.35 Patch released!

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Download 'hl2substance032.zip' (24.13MB)

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