Half-Life 2 Substance V1.0X Mod

Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE recoreographs the hl2 single player experience,John Woo style: new action oriented gamestyle,deadly challenges and extr...

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File Description

Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE recoreographs the hl2 single player experience,John Woo style: new action oriented gamestyle,deadly challenges and extra gorish killings make it the best choice for HL² veterans who hunger for more replay value. Welcome to the real HL²:Substance,what the action is made of!

The Substance has an IRC channel now, located at gamesurge, channel #Substance

The whole Substance campaign bugfixed and revisited with bullsquids,houndeyes and assassins The old vanilla campaign is available too,in the all new weapons & Hev Forms fashion An all new VR Training map to acquaint yourself with the latest new features and make you skills perfect The HEV Forms class system: choose the one that suits your personal gaming tastes best between the "Liquid Snake Form" (attack), "Big Boss Form" (survival) and "Solid Snake Form" (stealth) a whole new set of weaponry: enhanced Crowbar,M9 pro vorbis Knife,battle Gravity Gun,super Gravity Gun CQC,Bugbait normal,Bugbait conversion,Snark,HK USP pistol + zoom,MK3 silenced pistol + zoom,3 Desert eagle versions,M9 auto beretta,STI Flare pistol,MP7 TMP Submachinegun,M4a1 combat rifle,HK-3 pulse rifle,XM8 low-pulse rile,Experimental silenced AR2,Heavy M4a1 w/ sight,Spas-12 shotgun,super Spas-12 special,Oldie shotgun,M3 Benelli 90 supershogun,M3 Benelli special,Colt Patriot M4,FN 2000 + zoom,Holy Trinity crossbow,Steyr Scout sniper blaster,AWP sniper blaster,covenant grenade,napalm cluster grenade,proximity headcrab,dual rpg,rocket launching airboats and more! Bullet Time advanced,Friendly Fire with retaliation system and now also Open Wounds! Crouch to stop the bleeding and regen your health,if badly injured many new customizable hotkeys: Melee Attack & Grenade Toss,Doom vision & Scanner view,Cheats & Italian Extreme Skill buttons!

MINIFAQ: if you experience slowdowns,drop your audio-video details to improve fps performance. If you get crashes always in the same spot of a level,press the Bugfix Button. If you get memory errors and got less than 1000 RAM,check the in-depth FAQ below to customize your launch options and lower your settings to avoid overheating problems.

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