Half-Life 2: Synergy R1.1 Full Install

synr11full.exe —


Synergy is, as the name suggests, a cooperative Half-Life 2 mod. Synergy was previously known as two separate mods, "DC Coop 2" and "DevCoop". We merged and are now bringing you the best cooperative experience possible.

The main objective in Synergy, is for all players to complete the given objectives for each level; Escape, Assault, Defend, etc. You work together as a team to finish the level.

Synergy also supports Deathmatch and Teamplay (Combine vs. Rebels). We encourage the use of NPCs in all levels, even if it's Deathmatch.

This version of Synergy enables you to play Half-Life 2: Episode One cooperatively! For servers, some very annoying crashes that have been happening since version 1 have been fixed too.

Features:- NPC Lag Compensation Unmatched Customizability Customizable NPCs (with Custom Scene Files) Map Configuration Files ('MCF') Multiple Game Modes (Coop, Deathmatch, Teamplay) Half-Life Style Custom Player Model System New Levels, Weapons and NPCs Soundscript Loader Coop-Style Player-Weapon Interaction This is the V1.1 Full Install, to get the V1.0 - 1.1 patch Click Here.



Fixed some minor bugs crashing the Citadel levels
Fixed bug where synergy_team_manager would not respawn players
Fixed bug where game would proceed to the next level instead of restarting the map when players used up all their lives
Fixed bug in d3_breen_01 where players could get deleted from the game and crash the server
Fixed bug in d3_breen_01 where the elevators would stop working
Added command "changeteam" so players can easily change teams
Fixed bug where friendly NPCs were picking up weapons they cannot use logic_auto may now be used to override default end-game behavior
Fixed few things with the spawn location logic
Added Half-Life 2: Episode 1 map conversions, making it playable in coop
Fixed bug where Poison Zombies would crash the server if they got picked up by a Barnacle
Fixed bug where Strider was missing his fast-fire ammo type

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