Half-Life 2: The Battle Grounds 2 Mod

A new version of Battle Grounds 2 for the Source engine is out. This one is called 0.14 (not 0.0.14 because the numberingsystem was too comp...


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A new version of Battle Grounds 2 for the Source engine is out. This one is called 0.14 (not 0.0.14 because the numberingsystem was too complicated).

Again I quote this because it's as important as ever before: This BETA version is far from being complete and you may encounter issues or bugs. But it is already a hell lot of fun to play and should give you a clear idea where we are heading in the future.

Major new features in a nutshell are: New physically simulated bullets (still experimental - use sv_simulatedbullets to activate) New playermodels New and updated maps All exploits and bugs from the last version fixed

The Battle Grounds (BG) is a Half-Life 1&2 Modification based on the Revolutionary War. You and your teammates will have to act together strategically to fight the enemy team. The Battle Grounds is a team-based game.

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Download 'bg20.14.exe' (63.59MB)

- changed version naming scheme to something easier for people to remember/type
- all new bullet physics - still experimental. use sv_simulatedbullets to activate
- ragdolls are now removed on round restart
- players no longer get to survive round restart if there aren't enough spawns
- minor fixes to spectator mode
- officers now have their own models
- walk/run speeds are now dependant on class:
loyalist/minute man slow
royal infantry/continental soldier medium
royal commander/continental officer fast
- admin helpers added.
teams now autobalance
class limits added(mp_limit_*)
cvars to store team scores, if changed the real scores are too.(mp_americanscore/britishscore)
mp_timeleft added, returns remaining time to map change.
sv_restartround added, resets flags, scores and respawns all players.
- added bg_township
- added bg_ambush
- added bg_hill2
- fixed missing language files
- fixed snow in func_percipitation
- added lots of map models
- added new smoke material to replace CSS smoke nade one
- voice commands look different to normal text and except for the warcry can only be seen by your team(but still heard by all)
- updated and refined all player model skins
- you are able to read the name of the player you are poiting at
- .cfg now exec on mapchange. it is execed last, after listenserver.cfg
- new steam background
- fixed many, many exploits and bugs

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