Half-Life 2: The Battle Grounds 2 Mod

Happy new year and happy new version of Battle Grounds 2 for the source engine.

Again I quote this because it's as important as ever befo...


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Happy new year and happy new version of Battle Grounds 2 for the source engine.

Again I quote this because it's as important as ever before: This BETA version is far from being complete and you may encounter issues or bugs. We put a lot of effort into making everything more polished, nicer looking and smoother to play. But this is still not the final version.

Major new features in a nutshell are: major HUD improvements (capture point display, etc.) new playermodels updated maps lots of balancing, tweaking and optimizing

The Battle Grounds (BG) is a Half-Life 1&2 Modification based on the Revolutionary War. You and your teammates will have to act together strategically to fight the enemy team. The Battle Grounds is a team-based game.

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Download 'bg20.15.exe' (92.51MB)

Here the detailed changelog:
- linux server binaries included (will save most server admins from compiling their own one)
- fired weapons now run the empty(hammer down) animations
- weapons now use more sensible third person animations
- w_ models no longer eject brass or spontaneous smoke
- fixed "health getting sent across wire twice" tweak as described in the source sdk wiki
- lots of textures & models added
- fixed british surviving round restarts and corpses laying around
- added textured crosshair(customizable)
- cl_interp now defaults to 0.02. this seems to improve melee
- mp_disable_melee and mp_disable_firearms added
- simulated bullets off by default, and have much lower default drag thus improving range
- tracelined bullets now have distance based damage
- new hud graphics implemented
- flag status indicator added to hud(use cl_flagstatusdetail 0/1 and cl_flagstatus 0/1/2 for off/text/icon)
- team menu now has counters for amount of players on both teams
- proper death notices + new graphics
- players no longer switch teams when changing options
- players choose team and class before they initially spawn
- players can autoassign team
- player models updated
- unassigned players now see through the eyes of a random info_intermission
- flags now have outputs that trigger on various events, see fgd
spawnpoints now have inputs to enabled/disable/toggle them. this should provide for a rudimentary progressive spawning system
- bg2 now has an icon in steam and on the desktop
- new steam background
- fixed many exploits and bugs

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