Half-Life 2 Toxic Warfare Mod



This is a mod for HL2 which originally started off as a mini-mod for garry's mod, this mod changes many in-game sounds and models, it add's a unique style of gameplay and it also adds many other things not listed here, worth a download!



Hey it is me Kull

Here is my mod it was for gmod a mini-mod but people said turn it into a full blown mod
So i did this mod adds the following

1. New Skins

2. New Sounds

3. New Weapon Sounds

4. New Comebine and other Skins + Dying Sounds

5. Multi-Player

6. Single-Player

7. New Maps For MP

8. New Way To Wage War

MAPS That Are Included

1. Toxic-Waste

2. Toxic-Warfare (It Has Npc's To Fight With Freinds)


Firings Sounds:
-Pulse Rifle + Altfire (cant think of a name for it) sound
-MP7 + Grenade Launcher sound
-Grenade + Explosions sounds (including Underwater explosions)
-Crossbow + Rebar Heat-Up sound
-SPAS12 Double-Shot
-Stun Baton + On/Off sounds
-Combine Turret
-Airboat Turret (the original one sounded too weak)

-NPC Firing Sounds for the USP, Glock (Alyx Gun), Pulse Rifle, MP7, and Flaregun
-Hunter Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Gunship Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Dropship Firing and Rotor sounds
-Combine APC Missile Firing sound
-Hopper Turn-on sound
-Manhack Attack and Death sounds
-Strider Alert, Idle, Pain, and Firing sounds
-Zombie Alert, Pain, and Attack sounds
-Poison Zombie (the guys w/ the black headcrabs) Pain and Death sounds
-Combine Sniper Firing sound (usually i keep this in no matter what :)
-Flashlight On/Off sound

Valve - Half Life 2
id Software - Doom 3
Ubisoft, Red Storm, Tom Clancy - Ghost Recon

- You may play this modification in conjunction with a legitimate copy of Half-Life 2.
- You may redistribute this installation package in its unmodified form through any
medium. If you wish to charge money for this service (through subscription download
services, magazine cover disks etc.), please Dont Email Me
- You may *not* use all or part of this modification for any other purpose (except
custom TWF levels) without permission from the author.

This software is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties,
including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchanability and fitness
for a particular purpose.

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