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UNION is a short single-player map pack for HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO set in the aftermath of Freeman's blow at Nova Prospekt. ANTLIONS have...


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UNION is a short single-player map pack for HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO set in the aftermath of Freeman's blow at Nova Prospekt. ANTLIONS have broken in and run amok, the Combine forces lay decimated, but an unlikely alliance is forged between a lone surviving PRISONER and an escaped VORTIGAUNT. If they are to break free they will have to rely on one another for help.

This is the first part of a possible mini-series and focuses on combat, exploration and AI teamwork. Enemies are primarily antlions and zombies, though future installments would feature Combine forces. Future chapters are not confirmed, and this part does have its own full story arc.

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Download 'hl2ep2spunion.rar' (17.59MB)


                                    -- U N I O N --

                               single-player map pack for
                                HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO

                                   by Matt Glanville




1. Introduction / Creator's notes
2. How to install and play Union
3. Storyline
4. Hints, tips & FAQs
5. Credits




As I'm sure you're aware by now, Union is a single-player map pack for Half-Life 2:
Episode Two. Thank you for taking the time to download it.

Despite the fact that I have been mapping since the original Half-Life days, this is the
first project I ever got round to finishing. I made a lot of failed attempts, probably
because I set my sights too high. This time I decided to make a short game (originally
intended to be just one map, but I split it to help people with low-spec PCs) and
what do you know? I actually finished it this time! In most play tests Union has taken
around 40 minutes to complete which I'm very happy with. Union took approximately
3-4 months to develop (November 2007 - February 2008).

I hope you enjoy this map pack. If you do, or even if you don't, please let me know by
e-mailing me at mglanville@hotmail.com. I take my mapping very seriously and I love to
hear what people think of it, how I can improve it, etc.

If Union is popular I am considering furthering the story. I have a backstory and a
continuation semi-planned out but decided to omit them from this release to cut down
time and to leave it uncomplicated. Let me know if you would like to see what happens
after the ending!

For news and updates, please visit my website/blog at www.figmentsandpigments.cjb.net
You may get an advert pop up, just wait a few seconds and click Skip. To avoid adverts,
go directly to the blog at http://figpig.blogspot.com/




First of all you need to have Half-Life 2: Episode Two installed. If you don't have it,
buy The Orange Box! I highly recommend it!

1. Here's the short installation guide if you know what you're doing:

Extract all files into your Episode Two 'maps' folder. The .bsp files should go in
'maps' and the .ain files should go in 'maps\graphs'.
Run Episode Two. Bring up the console and type the following: map union01
Press enter and away you go!

2. Here's the long installation guide if you're new to this:

You should have opened this readme from the Union archive file, which will also contain
4 other files.
- union01.bsp
- union01.ain
- union02.bsp
- union02.ain
You will need to extract these files using your archive software (such as WinZip or
WinRAR). Extract them into your Episode Two maps folder...

Locate your Steam user directory. This is usually somewhere like:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\
USERNAME is obviously whatever you used to register and log in to your Steam account.
Open the 'half-life 2 episode two' folder, then 'ep2', followed by 'maps'. This is where
the .bsp files will be going, and the .ain files will go in a further folder called

Technically, you don't NEED the .ain files but they will save you rebuilding node graphs
at the start of each map so it's best to include them.

So just to recap, the full path should be something like:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\maps\

Now the files are in the right place you can load up Episode Two from your Steam games
list. Make sure the console is enabled once you're in by going to:

Options > Keyboard > Advanced

Then tick the box to enable developer console and click OK. By default the key for the
console is ` (the one to the left of the number 1). Press this key and a new window
should pop up.

Type the following: map union01
That's a zero before the one, not the letter O.
Then press Enter. The first map should start loading, and then you're in the game!




"The last thing I remember was our train being stopped in the woods. OVERWATCH told me I
was needed for questioning, so they locked me in one of those cold pods and stuck me on
the next train to NOVA PROSPEKT. I can still see my WIFE watching me drift away.

Now, here I am... Only things are not how I expected them to be. How long have I been
unconscious? A few days? A WEEK? Something has gone HORRIBLY WRONG..."

UNION is set in the aftermath of Freeman's blow at Nova Prospekt. ANTLIONS have broken
in and run amok, the Combine forces lay decimated, but an unlikely alliance is forged
between a lone surviving PRISONER and an escaped VORTIGAUNT. If they are to break free
they will have to rely on one another for help. 




Q. Why does the vortigaunt call me Freeman if I'm not Gordon Freeman?

A. Union is a one-man project and I did not decide to enlist the help of voice actors.
   As a result, I was forced to use the existing dialogue from Episode Two. This means
   the vortigaunt is actually speaking to Freeman. You will just have to use your
   imagination and assume that he is calling you that because you are "free from
   the Combine" now. :D
   Perhaps future versions will include custom voice acting... We'll see... No promises.

Q. Why are there no Combine soldiers in Nova Prospekt?

A. Spoilers to the original Half-Life 2 ahead... Be warned.
   Union takes place AFTER Gordon Freeman went there in Half-Life 2. The Combine have
   lost their foothold and the facility is now overrun by antlions. Any Combine forces
   you may encounter are either trapped inside or staying in hiding to try and pick

   off the invaders.

Q. After I played Union until the end, all maps I played were in slow-motion. How do I
   fix this?

A. Union uses a console command to activate slow-motion in the end sequence. This
   command is cancelled again when the game quits to the main menu, but if you exited
   before that command then Episode Two will remain in slow-motion. To fix it, bring up
   your console with the ` key and enter the following: host_timescale 1
   Alternatively, simply quit the game and restart.

Q. After I played Union until the end I can't get achievements for Episode Two!

A. This is caused by the same command as above. Union temporarily enables cheats to
   activate slow-motion. When you have cheats enabled you can't gain achievements.
   To fix it, bring up your console with the ` key and enter the following:
   sv_cheats 0
   That's a zero, not the letter O.
   Alternatively, simply quit the game and restart.

The following hints are to help stuck players. Avoid reading unless you get really stuck as it may spoil some of the game!

Q. How do I get through the big metal gate with a white circle on it?

A. Each gate must be powered by the vortigaunt to allow it to open. There should be a
   pod not too far away which the vortigaunt will use when there are no nearby threats.
   Find the pod or, if you have already found it, clear the area of enemies.

Q. I got through the big metal gate, now why won't the vortigaunt follow me?

A. You will need to activate the power on the other side. Search for one of the Combine
   terminals and press the button. This will allow to vortigaunt to follow you safely.
   This applies to EVERY gate!

Q. How do I get up the narrow exit in the second antlion tunnels?

A. It's a tricky manoeuvre. You will usually need to take a short run-up, then jump and
   press crouch when you're in mid-air. Note that this is an optional area, so don't
   worry too much if you can't make it.

Q. What am I supposed to do after I kill the sniper?

A. The sniper was preventing the vortigaunt from powering up the Combine gate. Now that
   he is dead, the vortigaunt can work his magic. You should head back the way you came
   and meet up with him. There are several shortcuts for the crafty players amongst you.

Q. What happened at the end? The game suddenly went slow-motion and faded out.

A. You may have missed something happening. To ensure you see it, stay by the fence
   where the vortigaunt was standing and observe the yard.




First and foremost, many MANY thanks go to Valve Software who developed the Half-Life
series and the Source SDK which has allowed me to create Union. You have been the
greatest inspiration and influence on my creativity.

Union's maps and story was conceived, designed and built entirely by by Matt Glanville
a.k.a. CrowbarSka using the Source SDK. Comments and criticism are welcome, e-mail me
at mglanville@hotmail.com

Union would also not be what it is without the invaluable feedback of its testers:
- Mohawk
- Emma Louise Biddiscombe
- Habboi
- Pie Baron
- Maarten Frooninckx - "Marnamai"
- CubeDude89
- Andy B

Thanks to PlanetPhillip for the exclusive release, for the entertaining website and for
bringing us the unstoppable flow of HL2 maps and mods!

And last but by no means least, the folks at PC Action magazine for offering to put
Union on their cover DVD. Thank you very much for the publicity.

Finally, thank YOU for giving it a go! I hope you enjoy it!


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