Half-Life 2: Wars v0.5 EXE

This is the EXE version of HL2:Wars v0.5, which is an RTS set in the Half-Life 2 universe!


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File Description

This is the EXE version of HL2:Wars v0.5, which is an RTS set in the Half-Life 2 universe!

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Half-Life 2: Wars 0.5

Half-Life 2: Wars is a real time strategy (RTS) modification set in the Half-Life universe.

Half-Life 2: Wars requires the following games to be installed: Half-Life 2: Episode two and Source sdk Base - Orange box. 
You must run each game once before starting Half-Life 2 Wars.

Note: You can also start Half-Life 2: Wars with only Source sdk Base - Orange box installed, except you will miss a lot of content.

Installation instructions
Before installing Half-Life 2: Wars 0.5, make sure the previous release is uninstalled.
Other then that follow the install wizard.

Short changelog
    * Two new maps
    * Changed to Orange box engine
    * Added basebuilding
    * Improved stability
    * Improved units AI
    * Added support for navigation mesh
    * Improved balance between units
    * Improved various visuals
Full changelog
    * Added hlw_sands (redone)
    * Added hlw_crashed
    * Updated hlw_training (new look)
    * Merged code with orange box codebase
    * Changed to source sdk base - orange box as new base
    * Added mp3 player
    * Added support for striders
    * Fixed issue combine throw grenade not costing resources
    * Decreased weapon range of units
    * Added AR2 Secondary fire ability to combine elite
    * Added hlw_npc_stalker as builder for the combines
    * Added support for navigation mesh pathfinding by npc's
    * Added support for controllable striders
    * Added simple tech tree
    * Fixed the objective text on screen not reappearing after a save/load
    * Rebel medics now regenerate 1 health point per second
    * Friendly units are now immune to eachother fire damage
    * Added hlw_npc_turret_floor, can take damage, citizen skin for rebel side and disabled motion
    * Increased cost and recharge time grenades
    * Increased stalker speed
    * Fixed resources not restoring after a save/load game
    * Increased selection limit to 64
    * Changed weapons from medic and engineer to pistol. Medic is cheaper now
    * Medic will regenerate health now

    * Added support for unit sounds when selecting or ordering units
    * The player won't attack neutral or friendly units anymore when clicking them.
    * While having an ability selected and the player selects a different one, the old one will be cleared correctly
    * Control + right click will attack the ground or the selected target
    * Added cancel order ability, which stops the current order of the selected units. Default key 'h'
    * Abilities that are recharging can't be selected anymore
    * Double click on an unit will select all units on screen of the same type
    * Added a messenger to the hud that tells about important events, like point captured
    * Added button to destroy/kill buildings or units. Default button 'k'
    * Fixed incorrect unit descriptions after a map change
    * When having an ability selected, left mouse button will now only deselect the ability, instead of also the selected units
    * Rotating the camera moved to "alt"
    * Space jumps to the selected units. Holding space will make you follow the units

    * Updated hud textures and buttons
    * Ownership icons of buildings, capture points and objectives are sprites now
    * Improved selection circle: the circle is now being projected like a shadow on the ground
    * Fixed images of units not being cleared after map change
    * Mine ability now has the rebel skin
    * An unit will blink if the unit changed to the local player team
    * Added map preview image + title field to the mission selector
    * Improved health bars
    * Unit box will automatically adjust size to make all units fits within the box (up to 80 units)

    * Fixed issue game not starting when in widescreen mode
    * Fixed issue of game crashing when applying new video settings
    * Fixed rare crash when hovering the mouse on entities
    * Fixed crash when a build target is not specified for a brush building
    * Fixed a potential crash when clicking frequently around the radar
    * Fixed possible crash when selecting maps in the mission selector

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