Half-Life 2 Weapon_Sound Pack

A sound pack for Half-Life 2, i would say, download and have fun!


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A sound pack for Half-Life 2, i would say, download and have fun!

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Download 'razor_hl2_weaponsoundpackv2.zip' (8.38MB)

Half-Life 2 Weapon Sound Pack V2 - By Razor


Extract the contents to 

[Steam Installation]/SteamApps/[username_email]/half-life 2/hl2/

When it asks you to override, say yes (it wont permenantly change anything).


You can delete all the folders inside Sound (if you dont have other custom sound files), or go each folder seperately to delete the individual firing sounds or the ones you dont like.

This sound pack replaces the following:

Firings Sounds:
-Pulse Rifle + Altfire (cant think of a name for it) sound
-MP7 + Grenade Launcher sound
-Grenade + Explosions sounds (including Underwater explosions)
-Crossbow + Rebar Heat-Up sound
-SPAS12 Double-Shot
-Stun Baton + On/Off sounds
-Combine Turret
-Airboat Turret (the original one sounded too weak)

-NPC Firing Sounds for the USP, Glock (Alyx Gun), Pulse Rifle, MP7, and Flaregun

-Hunter Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Gunship Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Dropship Firing and Rotor sounds
-Combine APC Missile Firing sound
-Hopper Turn-on sound
-Manhack Attack and Death sounds
-Strider Alert, Idle, Pain, and Firing sounds
-Zombie Alert, Pain, and Attack sounds
-Poison Zombie (the guys w/ the black headcrabs) Pain and Death sounds
-Combine Sniper Firing sound (usually i keep this in no matter what :)

-Flashlight On/Off sound

Version 2 Changes/Fixes:

-Added bunch of new Sounds (sounds for manhack, crossbow, stunbaton, etc.)
-Fixed Cooldown sound for Gunship
-Removed Turret firing sound (refuses to work properly)

I added a reverb and echo to some of the sounds. The zombie(s) and strider sounds were from HL and the various Combine weapon firing sounds from Doom 3's Plasma Gun. The USP is taken from HL2 itself ("why is the USP louder when the Combine uses it?"), the MP7 is just a mix of various other sounds, and the Combine Sniper and Grenade Launcher is from Ghost Recon. 

Most of the V2 sounds are, again, mixes from different sounds. Original files are from Psychotoxic and HL2 itself.

Note: The games i put in Credits, i didnt take sounds 

Next Version:
More sounds, and maybe some actually gameplay changes.

Valve - Half Life 2
id Software - Doom 3
Ubisoft, Red Storm, Tom Clancy - Ghost Recon
Whoever made Psychotoxic (forgot who they were)

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