Half-Life 2: Zombie Master Sanatorium Map

This map, made by Themonk has been created for 17 players.

Survivor Objectives STAGE ONE: Primary objective: find the three handles...


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This map, made by Themonk has been created for 17 players.

Survivor Objectives

STAGE ONE: Primary objective: find the three handles to open the lobby gate. Secondary objective: secure lobby while search takes place this is where the ammo and guns are.

STAGE TWO: Primary objective: navigate the service tunnels to reach the pump house. Secondary objective: place the dynamite by the pump house doors to blow the doors open. (fuse takes 2 minutes)

STAGE THREE: Primary objective: get to the ridge by the train. Secondary objective: hold the ridge for 3 minutes until the train leaves, no zombies can be on the ridge at rounds end.

Zombie Master Objectives

- Kill all humans - Stop them from leaving on the train

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Download 'zm_sanatorium_b6.zip' (5.44MB)

- Search takes place outside, in the basement and upper floor
- Get to the upper and lower levels fast before they fill up
- For every 4 additional players the weapons and ammo increase (except pistols)
- Use teamwork!

- As the humans progress new spawning orbs will appear.

A group of citizens have decided to investigate a series of kidnappings near the old sanatorium grounds. Determined to figure out what's going on they head off, just as they approach the abandoned hospital a crash occurs flipping their truck. Without any vehicle to escape there's no where to go but in...

Q - Where'd this idea come from?
A - The inspiration for this level came when I watch a documentatry on Waverly Hills sanatorium one of the most haunted places in the US. I did some research and found a number of similar abandoned Sanatorium around North America.

Here are links to two sites that have photo galleries which I used as reference. The first shot is of the entrance to Waverly hills which I used as a base for my map.
Whitby Psychiatric Hospital located in Ontario canada:

Change log (includes new changes for b6 and the ones kept from b5):

- Handles now called "levers" I felt that was a more fitting description.

- I've moved the levers into easier to find locations. Tops of tables, into brighter areas, on barrels, benches etc.. Overall it should be somewhat easier to find them now.

- Cost for traps in the tunnels have been lowered. Also costs for the hulks and banshees at the end have been lowered

- When a leaver is placed a message appears on screen letting players know the first and in turn second levers have been found.

- Griefers were able to throws the handles behind barred doors where they couldn't be reached. Handles can no longer be thrown behind bars.

- Shambler spawns on the main and top floors have been moved so they no longer get caught behind the bars when spawning.

- Dynamite fuse has been shortened to 45 seconds.

- Clearer instructions for dynamite. When you enter the pumphouse a message appears telling you where the dynamite is. When the dynamite is picked up it tells you where to place it.

- Clearer instruction on start, after the message appears telling you what you're looking for, another message appears indicating where the levers can be found.

- Basement grafic has been simplified. The previous grafic wasn't fitting with the horror theme and was actually distracting from the atmosphere.

- The main floor shambler spawn has been move farther back giving the humans more time to kill them before they reach the door.

- The lever room has been pull closer to the lobby away from the shambler spawn. This will make it harder to block the entrance with shambler spam.

- The basement and upstairs each got a barrel.

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