Half-Life 2: Zombie Master Ship Map

A nifty looking map made by Rift. As you can see below on the screenshots, and as you can also hence the name of this map.. It's a ship! Wi...


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A nifty looking map made by Rift. As you can see below on the screenshots, and as you can also hence the name of this map.. It's a ship! With human objectives such as calling for help on the radio, and protecting the masts. And in this map, you sure need to require quite some ammo in order to protect yourself from the zombies.

Survivor Objectives:

Primary Objectives: - Radio for help (On the 2nd Deck) - Survive for 6 minutes after radioing.

Secondary Objectives: - Protect the 3 Masts

Optional Objective: - Get/Bring up the weapons/ammo from the cargo deck.

ZombieMaster Objectives

Primary Objectives: - Kill all humans.

Secondary Objectives: - Destroy the masts to make the ship sink.

Optional Objectives: - Prevent the humans from getting/bringing up the weapons/ammo.

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Download 'zm_ship_b4.zip' (1.53MB)

Version B4 Changelog
[ADD] Sails fall differently (ie split into a few parts if a certain amount of physics is applied.)
[ADD] Water does 0 damage, instead, zombie leeches attack humans if they are near the surface.
[CHANGE] Water rises twice as fast
[FIX]Shamblers now attack masts incredibly easily.
[FIX] Lifeboat now has a ladder, you still cant get in as easy as pie, as physics+moving ladder = weird, however, if its not too bumpy you shouldn't have much trouble.
[CHANGE] Increased the cyclones pickup range
[CHANGE] Lifeboat cannot be dropped until AFTER the masts are broken.
[CHANGE] Lower Weaponcount in the cargobay, also a few crowbars.
[FIX]fix placement of light by radio
[CHANGE] Lower cost of cabin spawn to 1000 [lowers to 400 if humans get to the radio]
[ADD] Changed explosive barrel on bottom floor to gas can, added two explosive barrels to top deck.
[CHANGE] Moved pistol/pistol ammo to 2 locations, rather then one. (so people crowd a bit less.)
[ADD] A couple pallets on the top deck. Because who doesnt like pallets?
[FIX] Masts float, 100% of the time. (unless they get, through a serious of coincidences lodged beneath a incredibly heavy/unmovable object... however thats really only possible in one spot, and come on... what are the odds?)
[CHANGE] Sand on bottom, people seemed to want it so bad.
[CHANGE]Forward mast trap drops rather then breaking.
Version B3 Changelog
[FIX] Fixed the shotgun / rifle falling through map thing.
[ADD] Banshee can be spawned and swim in the water after boats submerged.
[CHANGE] Masts are now only breakable by zombies.
(Not much really, but i just wanted to get the banshees and non-griefable masts added to the gameplay, as its a dramatic change)
Version B2 Changelog
[FIX] The lifeboat (After 5 hours of trying out different designs, works)
[FIX] Cubemaps, we have them now.
[FIX] The light by the radio was having problems. (its a dynamic movable light, that you could in theory use like a messed up flashlight, its better now.
[CHANGE] Removed a lot of the ammo from the cargo deck. (down to 6 supply boxes)
[CHANGE] Time humans have to survive after radioing lowered from 10 to 6 minutes.
[CHANGE] All Zombie spawns are now shambler/drifter only.
[CHANGE] Water texture was a bit off size-wise, changed its scale.
[ADD] Water skybox increased to add more realism (play area is the same size, just there is water outside the playarea).
[ADD] Banshee trap
[ADD] Hulk trap
[ADD] Rifle+one ammo on forward Mast (which has/had a trap)
[ADD] Message whenever a mast breaks.
[ADD] 2 Gascans and a oilbarrel (i doubt i will add any more, i'm not lazy, its just they get way too over used).
[ELSE] Misc changes here and there, i'm not sure if i remember anything else but i think there was.

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