Hybrid Alyx for Cinematic Mod (Part 12 of 12)

Hybrid Alyx.part12.rar


The file is 2.31 GB in size so I split it into twelve parts with Winrar. I fully tested the downloads and everything works 100% without texture issues.

Once all twelve parts of my file are downloaded put them in a desired destination. Next right click on part one, and select extract here. In a bit you should have a file named Hybrid Alyx that is 2.31 GB in size. Open another window with the file path your Cinematic Mod file is located. Copy and Paste all files located in my file to the Cinematic Mod file overwriting all corresponding files. Then run the Character Pimper, and select the Hybrid model for all of Alyx's selections to install. Then you're done.

Thanks for your interest in my uploads and enjoy!


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