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The Insect Infestation mod team have already released the second patch for their new Half-li...


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The Insect Infestation mod team have already released the second patch for their new Half-life 2 modification.


Fixed: Termite heavy rush view model use the ant one Fixed: Votemap interface is empty Fixed: Votemap when disabled crash the server Fixed: Upgrade count on server is wrong when upgrade get killed Fixed: Queen Spawn weapon interface is missing Fixed: Music player crash if the coded is not supported

Updated: You cannot spawn more then 4 resources from Resource Plant (at the same time) Updated: Termite Soldier Acid Radius Damage to 200 (same as ant) Updated: Cactus now shot spine even if enemy are near instead of doing a direct hit Updated: Cypripedium attack max roll view is now 180 -> 75 Updated: Decreased Cactus & Geastrum health 750 -> 600 Updated: Decreased Coprinus & Magic Mushroom health 1000 -> 850 Updated: Decreased Cactus spine damage from 20 to 15 Updated: Increased Geastrum spore damage from 10 to 15 per seconds

Added: Spanish language Added: Show Resource needed to buy Plants / Player Classes Added: Weapon name on hud Added: Now server show "Insects Infestation 1.0.2" instead of "Insects Infestation" Added: mp_change_team_delay var - Delay in second(s) required between join_team command - default: 3 Added: mp_auto_balance var - Auto-Balance team on join_team command (max diff between team) - default: 3

Very fast response from the Insect Infestation mod team. Two patches very quickly after release.

Great job!


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