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This is the new server patch version 1.0.4 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation[/ur...


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This is the new server patch version 1.0.4 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation. This will patch from version 1.0 to version 1.0.4.

Hi, I'm please to say our new patch is now released! This one correct a lot of issues from the server and client. This one resolve all the problems related to NPC and a massive sound upgrade again!

Have fun!

Changelog: [Added] A lot of new sounds! [Added] Player can now votes to kick plant or pheromone path [Added] Added message when player from your team built plant

[Updated] Local player is scaled in minimap (up/down animation) [Updated] French language [Updated] Removing plant give 50% of res if health is 100% [Updated] Geastrum shoot linear spore when something on top of it [Updated] All plant follow surface angles now [Updated] More plant validation while creating a plan [Updated] You can bash your team mate if friendly fire is off (no damage) [Updated] Player that carry RES give automatically give the RES when near to queen/upgrade [Updated] Improved grab termite soldier attacks [Updated] Improved queen spawn weapon [Updated] NPC don't spawn as larva anymore [Updated] NPC don't collide with Coca berry/barricade anymore [Updated] Menu background is now darker

[Fixed] White Square Rectangle in minimap [Fixed] Ragdoll stay always visible [Fixed] Jaw Stamina is restored if you release fire right away [Fixed] Player gestate during playing [Fixed] Pheromone beam disappear when changing team [Fixed] NPC Stuck bug!! (the only way to make them stuck now its when the path is not good) [Fixed] Queen push enemy in the air when bashed [Fixed] Roll angle is restored when switching camera mod in spectator [Fixed] Server Crash when player disconnect from listenserver [Fixed] Server Crash when player remove pheromone path while NPC use the same path [Fixed] Server Crash when client execute respawn_entities command (all mod have this issues)

This team is really on top of their game with the patches!

Great job!


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