Insects Infestation: v1.0 to v1.0.5 Patch - Client File

This is the new client patch version 1.0.5 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation. This will patch from version 1.0 to version...


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This is the new client patch version 1.0.5 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation. This will patch from version 1.0 to version 1.0.5.

This new patch will patch from 1.0 to 1.0.5, no need to install the older patch!

We have a new member! Cyborgmatt is now our Tester Leader. We worked together on this release all the week. Soon Cybormatt will seek new dedicated bug tester. Stay tuned!

We discover a little problem with this patch: When the round is ended the players respawn in the ready room and cannot enter in any team anymore. Server can correct this by putting 1 to mp_votemap_round, this will resolve the problem for now. Also, if the server did not change this value players can still vote by using VOTEMAP MAPNAME in console to change the map.

Changelog: [Added] Votemap result window [Added] Color in chat interface for system message / admin [Added] Location name in team chat interface [Added] Dutch language [Added] Chinese language [Added] New chat font [Added] sv_kick_plant_ratio - Percentage of players requires to kick the plant. (default: 0.35) [Added] sv_kick_plant_count - Number of players minimum required. (default: 3) [Added] mp_votemap_extend - Allow extend current map. (default: 1) [Added] mp_votemap_extend_count - Maximum extend on the same map. (default: 1) [Added] mp_votemap_extend_duration - Extend time in minutes. (default: 15)

[Updated] Lots of new sounds! [Updated] DOM_DEADCOW map [Updated] Termite Queen skin [Updated] Termite Larva skin [Updated] Coca plant skin [Updated] Coca berry skin [Updated] Poop model [Updated] French language [Updated] NPC don't collide anymore with Poop, NPC, Plant and Queen [Updated] Reishi model is now smaller [Updated] godres command can now give res to #ant, #termite or #all [Updated] Reduce coprinus range from 800 -> 600 [Updated] Increase coca berry boost ( Berry damage 10 -> 15, Speed 1.5 -> 1.65, Stamina 1.75 -> 2 ) [Updated] Queen speed decreased by 25% [Updated] Poop attack stuck time decrease from 10 -> 4 seconds [Updated] Coprinus root stuck enemy changed 4 -> 3 seconds [Updated] Structure's ghosts appear blue when near to plant, spot or to many plants

[Fixed] Ant builder poop stack exploit [Fixed] NPC Ants getting stuck on poop [Fixed] Structure limit not working [Fixed] Structure's Physmodel not updating [Fixed] First Spawned NPC getting stuck [Fixed] Large FPS Decrease With Spawn/Scoreboard/Buy Menu [Fixed] Knockback From Structure Projectiles To Strong [Fixed] Players Re-Gestating (second bug) [Fixed] Heavy Soldier Rush Getting Blocked By Terrain [Fixed] Poop Left By Players Who Disconnected, Caused a Crash [Fixed] Crash on client while connecting [Fixed] Added Extend for votemap and correct ratio bug during vote [Fixed] Decreased soldier's back speed when using acid attack [Fixed] Termite Soldier Grab Weapon not working [Fixed] Bug in death notice, the last icon / text was not completely show [Fixed] Resource plant in DOM map not re-growing after 60 seconds [Fixed] Resource / Upgrade plant not working in II_DEADCOW [Fixed] Chat Font size for 640x480, 800x600 was to small [Fixed] Giveres message not being shown/displaying wrong amounts [Fixed] Vote (votemap) from player was not shown


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Download 'ii_1_0_5_patch.exe' (21.11MB)

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